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In no other marketing space has there been a buzz recently as it has been in social media. From startups to solopreneurs to SMEs to large corporate, everyone wants a piece of social pie. At the heart of social media lays the strategic need to engage and interact with your audience - to update, to entertain, to gratify, to simulate their behavior. No wonder, social scientists reckon social media to be a transitional phrase in their studies of anthropology.

What does social media mean to marketers?

Till a few decades ago, TV was the big behemoth, or dare we call it the Goliath of advertising, till the seeds of social David were sown, and it became an infallibile giant. Today, right from movie teasers to product launches happen first on social media. Studies show that in 2021 more than 50% of the world would have accessed the Internet, and it is expected to grow even faster after that. In India alone, with its much-abused bandwidth and penetration issues, the mobile data usage has increased more than 4 times in the past 4 years. WIth cheaper data plans, and affordable smart phones, expect the numbers to rise even more meteorically in the coming years.

So, what is happening with data consumption and unprecedented Internet access? You might have guessed it right. It is the dawn of the Netflix and Uber and social networks of the world that mobiles have become utility vehicles and not just communication or entertaining modems. Whether it is your travel website or cab booking app, they give an opportunity to interact, rate and choose your options. Take your pick!

With so many users (I dare not put numbers) in mobile apps and social websites, it is a marketing opportunity of magnanimous proportions for marketers to cross-sell, drive traffic and engage with their audiences. The usual suspects in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are driving traffic in millions on daily basis. The millennial are clearly spending more time on social media than traditional entertaining media such as TV or Radio.

Our Social Media Marketing Process

First, at Markigence, we firmly that marketing principles are static across media. Our approach to social media is that of a marketer who understands new media. We are a marketing agency before we baptise ourseleves as social media marketing agency.

Understanding the client brief

For us, it is most important to understand to client objectives to launch on social media, their target audience, their expectations and engagement compliances. Users on social media behave whimsically and most are unpredictable. This makes social media very dynamic and engagement rates can be fluctuating.

Social Media Audit

After the brief, we like to do a comprehensive social media audit of the brand, in terms of their engagement rates, insights, CTRs, and user behaviour.

Competitor Analysis and industry benchmarking

Your competition, direct and indirect, is a clear indicator of your standing in the social space. A detailed competitor analysis, objective and subjective, follows after the audit. Content strategy is compared, engagement rates are compared, and user behavior is tallied. The objective is not always to race ahead of competition but to challenge the space with disruptive campaigns.

Social Media Strategy

Based on above activities, our social media consultant draws the all-powerful social media strategy for your brand to engage, interact and sell your products on social media. Basis the objective(s) - driving traffic, learning more, multiple product display, online gratification - our strategy is aimed at achieving the ultimate goal.

Social Media Marketing Execution & Analytics

The final step is executing the plan. Our social media consultant, in both function and creative space, executes the marketing plan along with a team of creative directors, copywriters, media planners to target the audience. We use contemporary tools to monitor real-time analytics and insights to fine tune our strategy and deliver optimum results

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