New Media is everywhere.
Are you?

Digital PR

New Media is everywhere. Are you?

Digital Media reaches to the deepest of layers in society. Digital PR is an obvious activity to attract likes, shares, and views in order to take your brand to the public or target audience.

With Digital PR, we at Markigence create positive, relevant and pleasant noise online about your brand on media that is relevant to you - be it news, entertainment, category-specific, B2B or B2C. Yes, we also commit KPIs. After all, Digital Media is measurable, isn't it.

Digital PR also makes more sense as it helps in getting high DA backlinks to relevant web pages, thereby augmenting your SEO efforts.

Our process involves putting together a Digital PR Strategy, designed and formulated by expert PR professionals, and creating a suitable outreach program. It goes beyond vanilla activities. You can be sure that it will reach the target audience in as creative ways as possible.

Why Digital PR?

For a modern-day entrepreneur, Digital PR is an invaluable tool. Influencers and audiences are busy on social media, digital media, and owned media. With an introspective and attentive audience in the online media, it only makes sense to be out there and interact with the audience. Of course, a suitable campaign is designed to create the right outreach strategy. Suitable Digital PR is one of the best ways to build a brand image and presence, making it easier to secure engagement with target audiences.

Digital PR Services

When it comes to PR, every campaign is customized towards the client. Your objective is unique and it needs to be relayed in a manner that it gets the right attention at the right time.

Local PR

Digital Media is geographically defined, accurately and precisely. With local PR, you have the flexibility to create a Digital PR strategy that is designed to target audiences in a particular region.

Pan-Country PR

If you are looking at a distinctive audience beyond the local borders, then a national Digital PR Strategy is custom-made to attract, convert and delight audiences. We handpick suitable media to weave your brand into, both strategically and emotionally.

Investor Relations

It is not only your customer who you want to engage. In the new ecosystem, the investor community is also targeted to keep them abreast of your progress. Specific communities and media are focused on to reach out to investors, angels, PE/VC CXOs. Your next funding might be just around the corner.


The adage 'out of sight, out of mind' has been held true for ages. In this era of clutter and noise, it is important to be visible pleasantly, and engage with your audience. With Digital PR, you do not just engage but also up your brand equity. Our brand strategists and mentors, along with brand custodians, create a strong branding strategy through Digital PR.

Influencer Marketing

Want a word out? Target millions of relevant audiences? There's no better way than Influencer Marketing. Also, add a dash of creativity in it, and you have a perfect soup for the audience's soul. Influencers hold immense clout in their respective domains, and if used effectively, can bring a boom in your brand's visibility.

Digital PR: Our Approach



Every campaign planning begins with a brief. The first step is to understand the objectives from the client. Our marketing consultants understand the desired results and goals to weave together a perfect campaign.

Campaign Planning

Campaign planning is the most critical piece in Digital PR services. With a mix of creativity and functional planning, we at Markigence create a plan that focuses on delivering KPIs and creating the right kind of noise.


Campaign Execution

Nothing is good unless it is executed well. The same goes for Digital PR services. At the execution level, we incorporate brands into stories, media news, and publications. As we said, making the right noise at the right places.

Analytics & Insights

Digital PR, as opposed to traditional PR, is measurable. We create real-time reports of the number of impressions, traffic, views, sessions and other important data that help marketers measure their RoI.


Digital PR and SEO

Digital PR and SEO go hand in hand. How and why? When you publish premium content on media sites and create mentions and backlinks (we ensure that happens), apart from leading traffic to your website, the links also increase DA of your website and eventually pep up the SERPs.

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