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Markigence, stemming from Marketing & Intelligence, is the digital marketing agency & marketing consultancy for you, focused on empowering brands, making them sustainable and driving them to become customer-attractive. At the heart of our mission is to bank on new media such as social media and search engines to offer new experiences and drive optimized ROIs for our clients.

About Markigence
Since 2009

Since 2009,

the year of our incorporation, we have developed over 50 visually appealing, user-friendly websites, conducted dozens of social media campaigns, generated qualified leads through paid and search campaigns, and formulated comprehensive digital strategies for brands from diverse verticals such as fashion, auto, FMCG, travel, manufacturing, healthcare, eCommerce, entertainment and more.

We have also counselled startups and SMEs as a brand and marketing consultancy.

Markigence Communications

is an integrated marketing communications agency, with the core objective of v with intelligent marketing. With a focus on digital marketing and specialized brand consultancy, Markigence Communications is a humble agency that fuels marketing on the back of worthy creative prowess and sustainable strategies, mid-term to long-term.

Markigence Communications

At Markigence, we believe that, apart from being holistic, marketing is a function of psychology and science, and that every need has to have a tailor-made solution that is non-complex. With a credible team of alert strategists, home-grown marketers with global awareness, and qualified operational staff, we are proud to have created memorable campaigns.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information, or even if you are inspired to talk without an agenda. We are a bunch of open-minded people!

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About The Founder

Harsh Vardhan Dutta


What started as a career in the publishing domain in early 2000s, soon metamorphosed into content development and digital marketing. A creative thinker and dynamic brand consultant, Harsh Vardhan Dutta has a cumulative experience of over 12 years across domains. His first agency, italics, a niche content development, and communication firm, was founded in 2005 and soon bagged accounts from all over the world, as a first-of-its-kind. Soon, italics was the favored partner for leading interactive agencies and consultants globally. Harsh was instrumental in italics being the first agency for Bharti Airtel for content development and communications. His success soon saw other leading players in the domestic market such as Dabur, PVR, Schlumberger, G-Cube converting into everlasting customers.

In the first 5 years, he created over 1,000 happy clients, personally leading a team of over 15 in his endeavors.

In 2009, Harsh founded digital marketing agency Markigence and drove his efforts by launching top brands such as Maruti Suzuki and Canon on social media. His advisory role extended to Religare, SPR Buildtech, RG Hospitals, and others while driving their digital media efforts. Soon, Markigence was transmuted into a full-service agency, enabling SMEs and corporate brands with equal zeal.

In all, Harsh has a total marketing and communications experience of more than 11 years, with skill sets that include entrepreneur-ship, leadership, creative direction, technology, marketing & brand consultancy. He has, in a personal capacity, consulted firms such as Supplified, solversINC, ClatPossible, YoGems and SPR Buildtech.

Harsh is also a veteran blogger and the author of the coming-of-age novel 'A Story and the Man' that traces the journey of a man from boyhood to adulthood. Harsh is always open for an interesting chat or meeting.

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