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Content Marketing
Content Marketing is a critical component of digital marketing. A sound content marketing strategy can elevate your brand to newer heights. Markigence specializes in content marketing services with the experience of empowering multiple brands.

Content Marketing is the only form of marketing left
-Seth Godin

Content Marketing has been around for ages, but the extent of its full potential is only now being understood. Any piece of content, without proper content marketing, loses its effectiveness. Content marketing has always been a part of much-celebrated marketing culture. In the end, it is content that interests the audience. They just don’t want to be told. The audience wants to be engaged, entertained and involved. Content Marketing just does that.
Great and engaging content can come in any form - be it multimedia, textual, visual, infographic or video. It can be driven through your owned property, social media or paid media.
Our team at Markigence creates purposeful content that can be aimed at generating traffic to your website, boosting sales, signing up, or just learning more about the product. Our team of developers, social media experts, SEO experts, and digital marketing specialists create the entire lifecycle of content marketing. You can safely trust our content marketing service!
Content Marketing Services Every piece of content, irrespective of the medium, is a product of creation, concept, ideation, precise execution and relevant engagement.

Creative Concept  

Every content development begins with ideation and our creative team brainstorming to bring the brief to life. At this stage, our creative team and client servicing team analyzes the data and information handed out by the client to create an idea that would serve the purpose of both disseminating the information as well as storytelling. Ideas and concepts are laid out before the team, organized, and presented to the client.


The second stage is the development of the idea once it has been approved by the client. Depending on the media, we develop content in a suitable format - video, infographic, animation, GIF, textual. Our developers, designers, copywriters and multimedia artists work in tandem to create content that, as we reassure, serves its core purpose.


Once the content has been developed and finalized, the media planning team along with digital marketing consultant promote the content on suitable channels for serving the ultimate purpose - to get clicks and engagement. At this stage, our team works across channels and monitors the engagement.

Analytics & Insights  

Content Marketing is measurable. All paid media channels, search and social, are measurable and provide invaluable insights into the user journey. We use Google Analytics to measure the impact of traffic on the website, Facebook insights to give us a deep look into engagement and CTR, and Google Adwords enables us to measure the CTR and RoI on content marketing. We also use third-party analytics tools to measure and deliver real-time analytics.
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