Make your brand visible on social media, make it speak like a boss, make it engage your readers, make it viral, make it a winner. When better part of the population is spending time on social media, and Facebook is larger than large countries, it makes little sense for you to hide behind the curtains. We empower your brand communication through strategic content and intelligence marketing.

People like to narrate their stories and hear your stories as well. Is your brand telling its story? According to research, social media is at the helm of branding activities right now. With more than 1.2 billion consumers present on one platform, waiting to listen, you just can’t miss the opportunity to talk, can you?

A commonality between social media networks and your brand is ENGAGEMENT, social media provides that free of cost for your brand, while we become digital evangelists for your brand and pump it up with INNOVATIVE marketing methods.

  • The beast among the social media networks – Facebook.
  • The Mecca of micro-blogging -Twitter
  • The picture sharer’s tool – Pinterest
  • The job apparatus- Linked In
  • Google’s answer to social networking – Google+

All of the above form a great mash-up of prominent social media network which is thoughtfully used to market the very essence of your brand. As each network is distinct in its sense of being, we at Markigence make sure to tap the core competencies of every one of them for your brand. Thereby, cutting clutter and leading to higher visibility for your brand.

We like to make a jazzy mix of content for your social media presence compiling invigorating videos, attractive images and impactful text to make the user click within 3 seconds of watching your post on their timeline. We market the content that is convincing enough for social media users to gain that one great click from them. Having said that, we also love anything that trends!

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