Search Engine Optimization

It has been established that the best way to reach your customers is through Digital Marketing, as everyone searches for everything on search engines. The keyword used for making the search is the benchmark according to which the results are displayed in the search engine result pages (SERPs). And typically, people find whatever they are looking for in the first page of the SERPs. The SEO Services is used to accomplish exactly that, “achieving top position in the SERPs” and that’s what we offer at Markigence.

 We do White Hat SEO work, which means that we use all the fair means in our SEO service to so that your website remains intact when crawling by Google algorithms is done.

 Our SEO services include a wide range of activities starting from on-site basic SEO, taking care of tagging, meta-description, image name etc. to advanced SEO practices like mark-ups, interlinking and conversion rate optimization.

The overview of these services is given below:

Initial Set-Up:
This includes creating an agency platform and customer dashboard. It also includes searching the target keywords, so that when they are searched, your website comes as the top result on the SERPs.

On-site Basic SEO:
It mainly includes marking the title tag, meta description, image name, header and ALT tags so that Google reads all that information and chooses you over other websites to show as a result for the related keywords.

Inbound content marketing:
Content plays major role in SEO, better the content, better is your ranking in the SERPs. Plus, you kill two birds with one stone; you get preference by Google, and you also please your audience with excellent content.

Off-site optimization or link building:
Interlinking or link-building helps you redirect the web-surfer to one of your pages when the related keywords are searched.

Local search website optimization:
It includes activities like Local listing optimization for Google/Bing, Apple Maps, and Facebook etc., NAP Syndication, building local citation and review widget. This helps your website to be recognized to show you as “search result”.

Social media marketing:
Social media plays an important role in marketing; it attracts the visitors and keeps your business interesting for your viewers. SEO for Social Media Marketing can give you the unexpectedly great results.

Conversion tracking:
When you get SEO for your website, the traffic of viewers, lead generation and conversion can be easily tracked. This tracking helps you keep track of your ROI and your business growth in the long run.

Monitoring the results:
Results are monitored in form of visits to your website pages. If there is an option for visitors to register, then you can find the exact source of registrations, whether the lead came from search, or social media etc. These results are, then, analyzed and interpreted.

Reporting is based on Analytics and Weekly SEO Status Reports, as well as monthly SEO Performance Reports are shared with you on monthly basis, so that you know all that your website has earned, and identify what else it needs.


Along with all these activities, Markigence also give consultation on what should be done to improve the ranking on SERPs, or what kind of content should be used to attract more customers: A perfect digital marketing Guru for start-ups and a Guide for amateurs if digital marketing.