It is no secret that search engines and social media are the high-spend areas today for marketers. Apart from bring acutely measurable, they are unparalleled in reach, effectiveness, results and traction, not to mention pocket-friendly. We custom-make paid media campaigns to engage target audience for various objectives:

  • create brand awareness,
  • drives sales and
  • traffic.

The masters at Markigence perform a digital surgery of your businesses online presence to make it search-engine submissive and gain increased visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs). Isn’t it just lovely to see your website listed on the very first page of Google? Generating leads like never before?

It is said, that Search Engine Marketing is growing at par with the traditional ways of marketing. Going by the logic of it, it took Search Engine Marketing only a few years to achieve the kind of growth that traditional advertising achieved in all this time. By creating refreshing strokes of optimization and advertising, we conquer the terrains of Google Adwords and Adsense.

Search Engine Marketing encompasses the scheme of both rewriting the website content to make it search-prone and also advertising it to make it appear on the pay-per-click listings or cost-per-click listings. However, the term search marketing has come to mean only the paid marketing on search engines nowadays, but we just happen to follow the old-world proposition.

Using clever tips and tactics to egg your web pages way up the listings on search engines is our primary goal. Also, words like ‘sponsored listings’ and ‘webpage indexing’ are like music to our ears! The idea of making your websites or campaigns synonyms with the search results is our holy mission, and we consider it blasphemous to stop until it is done!

Getting started is easy. Why wait? Let’s start.