Logo and Brand Identity

Ideating perceptions.

To make a business into a brand, you need a perception. A visual idea which is the businesses’ own and can be constructed into something very moving and impactful. It is a way of communication for the business, to create a positioning in the minds of consumers.

While businesses’ work, brands do the talking on their behalf. A logo becomes the first image of the brand and the starting point of the brand perception. People tend to define brands by their logo and hence, it becomes the very first part of the brand identity.

We construct that brand identity for businesses, which are keen to establish the perfect perception of what they want consumers to perceive them as. A logo is a business emblem and has to be taken care of in the same manner, the designing; construction and re-construction is something our design team takes care of wholly. Defining the look and feel of it, giving it shape and putting colors (or the lack of them)

Logo designing is the way of creating a brand personality, which your consumers and prospective customers can relate to. It is a highly targeted and brings out a business message combing a great design and copy, which is immaculately presented by Markigence.

You are just a step away from creating a brand out of a business. Step up!

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