Dear Client, I hear all that you said
That I am the board, you are the dart
That I am to take a deep breath
Even when you blow that fiercest fart

And yes, did you feel I did not get your joke?
Uh..uhum! Did I not produce a convincing laughter?
Sir! It was so funny I silently choked
I repeat! You are the boss, the master

Pardon me, if I misread that expression
That raised eyebrow, that puffed cheek
Like always, it was confusion
Lord! I am awake when you sleep

Did I question your capability?
I must have missed a life-saving euphemism
Out of outrageous sentimentality
I failed to registered your flowing –isms

Forgive, if I missed a block
In your hand-drawn (random) plan
Would I not work round the clock?
I might, I may, no sir, I can

Ah! And how disgraced is my proposal
Million times more (in price) than the other
Unsurprisingly, never at your disposal
How believable, you…(****sucker?)

Pitch upon pitch! ‘My Ass!’
Yes, sir, with all modesty
It’s just an expression sans finesse
I don’t argue! It’s your property!

Disclaimer: This is not directed at any Markigence client. They are all sweethearts. This is a totally imaginary client 😉

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