Honestly, I don’t believe in any media. I believe in numbers and so do my clients. They want numbers. It doesn’t matter if I do door-to-door for that, or I put into use the most sophisticated technology to gain numbers. Numbers primarily refer to no. of client acquisitions, or simply the bottom-line. At Markigence, we started to promote Social Media Marketing about as soon as we started. Realizing the reach of social media, we also set up a niche website to educate our clients more on social media optimization and how it is done (and I still end up putting up everything in my presentations, and explaining thru diagrams – and I have stop getting annoyed if clients call again to understand something; and honestly at times I don’t know the answers).

Over the past six month, I have been involved in 4 comprehensive social media campaigns. I am on Facebook all the hours I am awake; Saurabh in my team scouts for blogs, forums, communities even when he is sleeping (If I let him go home and hit the bed that is); reading the articles on social media, courtesy Google Alerts; scouting SNSs to look for more prospective social media clients; looking at competition and growling (I hate competition). Phew!

Still, I love social media, and I love being on Facebook, doing funny thing. I love touching base with bloggers and asking them to write sugary content about my clients, and presenting them with goodies in exchange. I enjoy joining more groups and fanpages, and commenting. I can’t help following the brands I am a fan of; I can’t resist the temptation of sharing my latest pics and videos; Of late, I spend a lot of time on Slideshare and YouTube watching presentations and videos about the things I am passionate about (thanks to our new superfast broadband connection). And I believe, there are millions like me, if not billions. And that’s why we believe in Social Media. An average Facebook member spends 20 minutes everyday on Mark Zuckerberg’s website. Anyhow, let me explain in detail and pointer format why we believe in social media?

  1. We are advertisers and we target people. For us, social media is people. Period.
  2. We want consumers to engage. They are smarter than ever. They want to comment, criticize, curse, condemn. Social media lets them do that.
  3. We advertisers have a thing for campaigns. Social media…you guessed it right – is good for campaigns no matter how silly they may sound (I like ‘Official Atyachaar’ though)
  4. It’s the future. Tapping the futuristic media can make a brand. Social media is a big present and a gigantic future.
  5. Because eyeballs lead to footfalls. You make them see. Then make them believe. They will buy it.
  6. My customer is online or on mobile. Gone are the days when the typical executive would spend hours watching TV, or gaze at outdoor hoardings. He is there all the time on the web! I can see him. And I can sell my stuff to him.

I think that’s enough to begin with. I do have more to say, and I will use my own sweet little social media platform for that (read Markigence blog).

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