So you have an ecommerce website? Or No. Ok, it is a brochure site. Or No, it is a service site. Oh leave it, it is a B2B website.

Whatever it may be, the lingering question would be – are you optimising it as a marketing tool – a platform to engage users and convert them into customers? My experience has had me hear No more often than I would like to. Most brands, still breathing the 2005 air, cut their monies when it comes to websites. It is good to cut corners but don’t slice the heart.

Why do I recommend engagement? Because that’s contemporary. Unfortunately, most marketers today are still not today. They work in very yesterday style. The focus is on instant transactions, not on building relationships, even when it is not a secret that most businesses that businesses do comes from repeat customers. New customer acquisition is an oversold, overwhelmed and overrated commodity, albeit a necessary one.

The digital landscape offers you a multitude of platforms to engage your customers. There is of course the blog. “Good quality content” is as much a cuss word as a cliche as a rare supplying commodity. Hire a communications agency and get a professional job done. Land in the inbox, zoom into smartphones, pry like a virtual eagle, or go for the wham – seduce.

Customise engagement with each customer. Each customer is unique and his buying or navigational behaviour is with us. We know his moves, his etiquette, his like, dislike, even his degree of laziness. With such data storming what is one waiting for? Talk to him, have conversations with him. Give him bollywood if he likes that, or cricket, or politics. Give him China if need be.

Engagement lead to transactions. That’s biblical truth. Each customer is different in personality yet similar in character. He will buy your product/service if he is acquainted with you.

How frequently are you engaging with your audience? Or you are not? Don’t miss the bus. Take action now. If help is needed, touch base with us. We do it for bread and cheese.

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