While many brands that have for years advertised solely on traditional media are going online and increasing their online spends, two of India’s biggest online ecommerce giants Snapdeal and Flipkart are busy making impression on TV audience. If you haven’t seen these two brands on TV, you are surely living under a rock on a secluded island.

I get very curious when I see online retailers go offline and spend millions on adverts. True that they are big spenders in the online space also, but they still have hypocritical belief in traditional media. Another factor could be that both Snapdeal and Flipkart are heavily funded and have larger marketing spends. So, spending on TV could be just an obvious step.

Irrespective of the reasons for going on TV, both brands have come up with interesting creative ideas. Given that this is the first time both brands have gone on air, they have chosen themes instead of bland promotion. I like the bold initiatives of both the brands, but my winner is Flipkart which has chosen a far novel theme than modifying the cliché like Snapdeal (which is somewhat off track also).

Snapdeal which is being handled by DraftFB Ulka, has chosen the Yam mode. The Yamdude campaign, as it is called, shows Yamraj being tempted by Snapdeal vouchers in a series of ads. Instead of taking away the dead in a hospital or a skydiver gone wrong, the happening Yamraj avails of his Snapdeal vouchers and indulges in mortal fun. I like the background music. The direction is average. It is not a memorable campaign like Hari Sadu but would do well to create mass awareness of Snapdeal. As far as ideation is concerned, the campaign could have been more creative. The biggest drawback is that the humor in the ad fails to make me even draw a thin grin, or for that matter amuse me.

On the other hand, Flipkart, which was recently evaluated to be a USD 1 billion online retailer, has gone with a more progressive theme and plays on the fact that many oldies fail to have belief in online buying. That’s true as many of Indian internet users are hesitant sharing credit card details online or have no faith in online retailers. So, the idea is right. To create trust. And they have chosen an interesting path. Done by Happy Creative Services (never heard of them earlier), it shows children dressed and enacting as elder who discuss the pros of buying online. Excellently dubbed and perfectly directed, Flipkart campaign is an eye-catcher and will lead to word-of-mouth. It’s an above average campaign, but still lack the punch of being termed ‘memorable’.

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