How overrated is the occasion of New Year? Perhaps a bit less than the Bachchans. To my understanding, New Year’s eve is just looked upon as an occasion to go out, get high and come home, driving in the fog and braving the cops. For me, it has always been, as I have maintained, just another evening or just another night!

Anyhow, whatever said and done, it does complete set a of 365 days, and it’s necessary to break down our lives into packs of days, to evaluate our performance (personal and professional), look back at our successes and failures, and more importantly, set targets and resolutions for the coming 365 days. I have this uncanny habit of looking back at the year gone by and study my personal and professional ups and downs, and what I gained, what I could not, and what I need to both gain and lose in the coming year!

Looking back at 2009, I have some interesting observations:

From Orkut to Facebook: It was like a newkid-on-the-block taking over from the veteran who is tired and not so useful but a trendsetter. Yes, Facebook became big in India, and we all became loyal facebookers, putting on the Zuckerberg’s site what we are thinking, our relationship status, our likes, and party pics. Businesses sensed an opportunity and embraced it as a new online advertising platform, and this trend will gain momentum in 2010. Also, watch our for new innovation on Facebook, as Zuckerberg gets more moolan and ropes in more experts.

Going Green: Green became the theme of the year, and Hopenhagen ruled the roost in the last few weeks of 2009, amidst protests, anger and supremacy of African nations. The world sat up took notice of the carbon emissions, and suddenly realize that the world leaders need to meet to ensure we get clean air to breather, and the fears of Avatar don’t come true (remember Jake telling the Navis that they no longer have any green back on Earth!).

The Death of Tests: The inevitable is gradually happening. All the Test playing nations played more ODIs and T20s and lesser Tests. Mohammed Yousuf added a silver lining at year end, stating that T20s will kill Tests in Pakistan, quite evident from the fact that every Pakistani batsmen tried scoring at more than run a ball in the Melbourne Tests against Australia. Also, South Africa failed to apply themselves in the Boxing Day test against England; another insinuation that Tests are dying in the southern atmosphere also.

From Superrich to Rich: Fortunes fell, and so did their Forbes rankings. Indian billionaires in Laksmi Narayan Mittal and Ambani Brothers fell down the ladder as recession hit their fortunes and survival became the order of the day.

Small is the next Big: The bottom of the pyramid became the target, as the Nano was launched after Modi’s enterprising support made the manufacturing possible. To round off the year, the TATAs lanced ‘Swach’, a water purifier for Rs. 700 that would let every Indian have access to clean water. Not to mention, Mr Akula making headlines for going macro with microfinancing.

For 2010, I say watch out for Rahul Gandhi, the making of Telangana, evolution of Green Technology, peacemaking efforts of Barack Obama (considering he has an award for what he is expected to do), technological rise of China (they now have the fastest train in the world), FIFA World Cup, Commonwealth Games (if Delhi pulls it off) and more global warming (winters may become a part of folklore).

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