If you have been exposed to the legendary Airwalk advertising campaign, conceptualized by Lambesis, you would know what I am talking about. Airwalk (a company that was popularly mentioned in popular book The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell), a company that started with making shoes for skating boarders, hired Lambesis way back to first promote their products. It was basis this campaign that Airwalk witnessed an unprecedented rise in their revenues. One showed a pop-star look-alike diva putting on her lipstick, not looking into the mirror, but into an Airwalk shoe! Another creative, at the risk of being blasphemous, shows a Buddhist monk noting some inscriptions in a notepad from his shoes. Another depicts a woman dressed in Chinese dress holding Airwalk shoelaces with chopsticks, like she was going to eat them!

For the path-breaking creatives, here’s a peekaboo:

You can view more at http://lambesis.com

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