In the annals of Indian advertising, Fastrack is a brand that has done almost everything right, speaking from brand viewpoint. They’ve been clear about their TG, targeted them smartly & creatively (that’s a rare combination) and most importantly got their products sell like hottest cakes. In a space, where foreign brands have colonized consumer minds, the indigenous Fastrack has carved and dominated its niche (I don’t have data on this, but I have met young people swearing by Fastrack). Now, its latest ad campaign, based on ‘breaking through the taboo’ seems to be just right for the younger generation, who don’t mind being same-sex lovers, candidly flaunt their live-ins, or hit on aunties (hot ones, right!). That’s what youngsters are, aren’t they?

The three TVCs that have been on TV so far are brilliant and minimalistic. Cool background music, colorful sets and sublime execution (done and over with in a few seconds) make them a perfect fit.

‘The Closet’ shows a pink closet that shakes from right to left, opens up with a girl stepping out, followed by another who seems to be buttoning her knickers. They exchange glances and move in opposite directions. Closing Line: Come out of the closet. Move on.

‘Mature is In’ depicts a middle-aged couple (the man is white-haired and the woman is insanely hot!) eating their meals sitting across a 20-something couple. In a filmy way, the young man and the woman get their feet closer, exchanging flirty glances. Closing Line: Mature is in. Move on.

‘Live in’ has a crew-cut donning young guy, who starts pumping air into what appears to be a deflated camp in the shape of a house. While he pumps, the girl licks her lips (that’s lust guys if you missed it). Then they move in and the house/camp/room shakes to imply the obvious. Closing line: Live in. Move on.

If there are more ads in the series, I am waiting! For what Fastrack is and what it sells, the campaign is bang on. The execution is, I will reiterate, brilliant.

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