Landing Page Creation Tools : If you are running ads on your site with the obvious objective to generate leads, you are no stranger to landing pages. If you want to convert visitors into potential customers, landing pages are the kernel and should be your core study.

Landing Page Creation Tools


A landing Page is essentially a web page a visitor is led to or “lands” on as a result of clicking on an optimized search result in a search engine. A landing Page is what determines the conversion rate of your digital campaign.

The Benefits of Landing Page Creation Tools

A proven method to generate more traffic, however, creating a quality landing page could be tedious, time-consuming and potentially expensive. And when I say time-consuming, I mean some serious hours with expert knowledge of HTML or WordPress.

But before you lose hope and quit the idea, technology brings forth a solution. Now you can simply use a tool to simplify the process by creating a neat landing page within a fraction of the time.

Landing page creation tools have the capability to transform your site visitors into leads via their fascinating features and skyrocket your sales. Apart from contributing to lead generation, they also enable visitors easy mobility around your page and provide them with the necessary information about your campaigns.

Most importantly, the tools help to increase traffic by creating a user-friendly page for you. These tools have the ability to build multiple landing pages for a particular keyword or for various campaigns within a short span of time. Without these tools, you may end up spending precious hours and vigorous labour into the fashioning of these pages.

The Best Landing Page Creation Tools

It’s imperative that you pick the best landing page creation tools that will help quicken your pace and give you efficient results that meet your expectations. Here is suggesting the top landing page creation tools available today that offer a plethora of merits to its users:

  • Elementorelementor
A powerful website builder, Elementor enables users to create stunning, comprehensive WordPress websites without writing a single line of code. Boasting a powerful landing page builder, Elementor users can leverage its powerful drag and drop editor, along with 90+ widgets and 300+ templates. Elementor also offers some of the most dynamic marketing features on the market. These include A/B testing, a powerful popup form builder and countless integrations (including to various WordPress plugins).
  • Drag & drop editor: An industry leader, Elementor’s live editor lets you create your landing pages in a complete visual canvas, zero coding required.
  • Popup form builder: Users can effortlessly create forms for new leads, newsletter subscriptions, customer feedback, user surveys, event registrations and job applications.  Users can collect the information they need using 20 dedicated form fields and customize the design and layout of the form to perfectly match it to their popup.
  • 3rd-party integrations: Elementor users can seamlessly integrate their landing pages with leading marketing and CRM tools, like Mailchimp, HubSpot, or GetResponse, and engage with customers on all fronts. Additionally, Elementor users can sync their pages with analytics & optimization tools, such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, Optimizely. That way. They can track and gain insights into your visitors’ behavior and optimize conversions & ROI.
  • Unbounce

Possibly the best conversion software out there, Unbounce is a blessing in disguise for its many exquisite features. It might as well be considered a leader in the landing page optimization and creation tools scenario. Unbounce allows you to create and perfect landing pages from scratch and adorn them with riveting characteristics.



Even the basic package of this tool is feature-rich and can be used to construct and customize pages with diversified content. You can choose either the beginner level customization options or go for the highly advanced options based on your requirement. It is also embedded with key features like

  • Unlimited A/B Testing
  • Lead Notifications
  • Dynamic Text Replacement,
  • Overlay CTS and
  • Exit Intent

The navigation is relatively intuitive and user friendly. The software offers a free consultation program and signing up is fairly simple.

  • Lander

A landing page creation tool with a price advantage is Lander. This tool in addition to its diverse elements offers modern and trendy templates that can help your landing page to support a lot of conversions. It abides well with the conversion optimization principles and builds you a landing page which provides good mobility with forthright details. It offers

  • Commendable integration with various social media platforms, PayPal, MailChimp, etc,


  • A/B testing and
  • Exceptional Analytics

To best examine and evaluate the capabilities of this conversion tool, take a free trial for 14 days. You will also end up getting new and unique ideas for your business.

  • Leadpages

Leadpages is another prominent landing page builder which claims to be the top tool in the business. The claim is evident owing to the unsurpassed services and features proffered by this tool but you be the judge of that.



The number of features you can avail depends on the package you opt for, based on which, you get access to facilities like

  • Opt-in boxes,
  • Click to subscribe text links,
  • Affiliation to various networks,
  • Built-in payment systems for operating your business transactions,
  • Themes that have compatibility with mobiles and tablets,
  • Drag and drop facility,
  • Dynamic analytics,
  • A/B split testing and
  • A colossal library of landing page templates to choose from

Leadpages assists you in meeting the requirements of fast-growing clients. It also lets you experiment with its “Try it Now For Free” option so you can compare different pricing plans depending on your requirements and examine its many features.

  • Landingi

Another landing page creation software that lets you convert traffic and generate leads from your digital campaigns at economical rates is Landingi. The best of landing page creation benefits can be availed at a much lower price when compared with other tools. Its specialty lies in its diverse features, ease of use and widespread integration.

Among the limitless characteristics offered by Landingi are:

  • Integration with CRM and email campaigns
  • 100+ Template designs
  • Direct A/B Testing
  • Collaboration with an entire team without additional costs

Here, you select from a wide range of templates for your page that satisfy the demand of various industries and niches. You also constantly monitor the activities on your page and integrate them with your CRM and email campaigns.



There is also the direct A/B testing option available. An interesting feature Landingi offers is to enable a group of people to function as a team and collaborate on the tool without having to pay additionally for each person. So, if bringing your team together to work on a page is your goal, Landingi is the way to go. Furthermore, a free trial can be availed without a credit card.

  • InstaPage

Instapage is an exemplary landing page creation tool which is very simple to use and has a user-friendly interface. A prolific number of choices are offered for the selection of templates. You have the option to customise the elements of your landing page with different colors, etc.



Also, you benefit highly from the unlimited A/B testing options provided by this tool. Available at an affordable rate, it has plenty page building features to offer, the most unique of which are:

  • Seamless integration with renowned programs like Google Analytics, MailChimp etc is facilitated on InstaPage.
  • Connecting your page with influential social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus

Each of the above landing page creation tools are unique, dynamic, and impressive in their own way and they save you hours of valuable time. For their abilities of integration, analytics, DTR and A/B split testing and affordability alone, they are in huge demand in this day and age. So choose the landing page creation tool that best meets your marketing campaign requirements and convert potential traffic into customers.

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