Technology has completely changed the way we perceive the healthcare industry today. With the Corona pandemic halting all services around the world, a substantial number of healthcare businesses were forced to move online, giving rise to healthtech apps services. 

This has popularized a new form of marketing called healthcare marketing services. Nowadays you do not necessarily have to visit the doctor in-person. Mobile applications provide the feature of video conferencing so that customers can directly consult the doctors. The hassle to buy medicines from pharmacies was a hectic job but now with online platforms delivering medicines to your doorstep, things have become easier.
Therefore, let us look at a few health tech applications in India that have revolutionized healthcare marketing services and made healthcare more accessible.


This app is brought to you by the health tech startup, Navia life care, which are known for their EMR systems. Navia for patients app is specially designed to meet the day-to-day health requirements of customers. Booking an online video consultation with a doctor is extremely easy. Simply book an appointment, pay the fee and speak to the doctor on the designated day. In addition to this, you can upload your medical documents and receive online prescriptions for your medication. The app also constantly reminds you of your appointments in the future. From ordering medicines to lab reports, everything can be done online from the comfort of your house.


It is a very unique app compared to the others in the market. Along with its vast variety of features that include, online video consultation with the doctors and medicine delivery to your doorstep, it also provides its customers with the ability to ask health-related queries with the doctor, free of cost. Even home sample collections do not cost you extra. With more than 25 specialties amongst a network of more than 1 lakh doctors. Its online pharmacy gives multiple discounts on various medicines so that you can save money. Available on both iOS and Play store, this app which is recent has instantaneously become popular.


MFine provides you with professional online doctor consultancies at really low rates starting from Rs 125. From more than 30 specialities doctors speak English, Hindi and also other regional languages that will be mentioned in the doctor’s profile when you search them by name or speciality for online consultation.


Medibuddy provides you with the basic online doctor consultation but in addition to all this, it has a premium membership plan, Medibuddy gold where you get unlimited doctor consultations for you and your family(4+2). Doctors belong to more than 18 specialities and speak more than 20 regional languages making it easy for people to convey their problems from the comfort of their homes. Another uniques aspect of Medibuddy is that it provides health insurance covers from a wide variety of hospitals. Just search your insurance, compare the prices and pay online to buy the cover.


Lybrate is one of the best online doctor consultation apps in the market. It provides you with free video consultations with doctors and healthcare experts to answer your queries. The app provides you with daily healthcare tips on how to improve your lifestyle and keep your body and mind healthy. Along with this, they also have an online portal where you can buy healthcare products according to your needs. The app provides a gold membership plan which gives its users discounts on several services like consultation fee and medicine bills.


Pharmeasy is an online pharmacy app where you can order your medicines and they will be delivered to your doorstep within 24-48 hours of the purchase. All you need to do is search for your medicines or upload your prescription and once it is verified, your order will be dispatched to you safely. The app also provides you with discounts on your order which saves you a lot of money.


HealthPlix is an app for an online healthcare consultancy. You can contact the doctor via phone, video call or even chats. All your conversations will be private and will not be disclosed to anyone other than the doctor for medical purposes. With the help of its AI technology, all your prescription and doctor’s notes will be easily interpreted for future reference as well as buying medicines.


Phable is a personalised healthcare app service that keeps a constant check on your vitals and blood levels. Once your documents are uploaded, your doctor is constantly updated regarding your condition so that further diagnosis can be determined without waste of time. In addition to this, the app also has a blog section where you are provided with health tips so that you lead a happy and healthy life.


This is a health tech app designed for doctors. It assists them with their day-to-day work. In addition to video conferencing with patients, the app builds an extensive profile for each of the patients so that the doctors can review the reports and schedule appointments according to the condition. Furthermore, the doctors are provided with a daily appointment summary so that they never miss any appointments.


It is an online pharmacy application that along with providing medicines at discounted rates also gives you free consultations so that you are sure before buying any medicine. The app also gives you constant reminders to refill your medication and provides you with detailed information regarding your medicines so that you can know what you are buying. It has been ranked “Asia’s most promising brand 2018” by Int+ WCRC International.

As seen above, the healthcare sector has been booming with the introduction of multiple health-tech apps that benefit both doctors as well as patients. This type of healthcare digital marketing service has demystified the healthcare process that was once considered a day’s work.

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