Digital Marketing, once upon a time, was a way to grab the attention of many people at once, by registering the presence on internet. That was the time when it was still inside a cocoon, but now, it has grown and emerged as a mighty butterfly, with its own systems and complexities in place, soaring high and still growing. Hence, by the time a person tries to understand it all, it changes again and transforms into something entirely new.

But there are some people, who have been able to keep up with this race and have made their names in the world of Digital Marketing. Most of them connect professionally on Linked in; so, we searched for the profiles of best digital marketers around the world and have brought you profiles of 10 professionals, who rule the digital marketing world.

  • Dharmesh Shah: Founder and CTO at Hubspot: A humble human soul, he calls himself a Career startup guy in his profile summary; but as we all know him in the marketing world, he is much more than that. His book ‘Inbound Marketing’ not only discusses the basics, tips, and tricks of inbound marketing, but also inspires the digital marketers to grow and do more. He is also a software development and SEO guru, so, serves as Chief Technical Officer at Hubspot, which is his own company. A must visit the profile, linked considers him as an influencer.


  • Gary Vaynerchuk: CEO of VaynerMedia, Partner at Vayner Capital, 4-Time NYT Bestselling Author: Another influencer on LinkedIn, Gary openly writes in his summary, “I’ve built businesses all my life.” Starting with his family business of liquor-store, he has grown many of his businesses into a whopping billion dollar worth. He started VaynerMedia, VaynerRSE, VaynerCapital and along with these successful ventures, he has also written 4 NYT bestsellers. Not only this, his show called AskGaryVee on YouTube and podcasts has millions of viewers. He has been profiled in the New York Times, Inc., and Fortune.


  • Danny Sullivan: Founding Editor at Marketing Land & Search Engine Land: In his profile summary, he just writes this, and nothing else. ‘I was a newspaper journalist. Then I started writing about search engines. My goal is to keep writing about them. You know, until everyone is tired of me writing about them.’ Basically a writer, he has many tricks up his sleeve that bridge the gap between the seller and customer. That makes him good at conversions. His Marketing land and Search Engine Land are doing great under his editorial-ship.


  • Ann Handley: Author of “Everybody Writes” and “Content Rules,” Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs: She is the world’s first Chief Content Officer (CCO) and has inspired many with her simplest words. According to her, everybody writes, you just need to understand what to write and how to write it so that it touches everyone’s heart. Her books ‘Everybody Erites and ‘Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business’ have rocked the world of every arrogant writer who thinks that there are only a very few literates who can actually write. A LinkedIn influencer and a pioneer in digital marketing, Ann is also the co-founder of


  • Joe Pulizzi: Founder at Content Marketing Institute, Author of Content Inc., Speaker & Entrepreneur: “Author, speaker and evangelist” Joe Pulizzi is a content marketing expert. He is believes in and says that content is the future of marketing. For the writers like us, he brings a new hope in the field of digital marketing with a handbook ‘Get Content Get Customers’ of which he is the co-author, and the talk he gives from time to time. How organizations can structure around content marketing. Recorded under his name are over 300 presentations on the power of content marketing.


  • Avinash Kaushik: Author, Blogger, Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google: A competent digital marketing evangelist for Google, Avinash is also the co-founder of co-Founder of Market Motive Inc. In the past, he has been very important personnel for companies like Intuit, DirecTV, Silicon Graphics in the US & DHL in Saudi Arabia. For common people he has been an inspiration through his blog, ‘Occam’s Razor’ and books ‘Web Analytics: An Hour a Day’ and ‘Web Analytics 2.0’. His keynotes in global conferences and lectures in recognized universities have given a deep insight on the web analytics and digital marketing, which he puts forward as a function of common sense, hence making the complicated world of analytics simpler for everyone.


  • Pam Moore: CEO – Speaker – Trainer – Consultant – Host Social Media Zoom Factor Podcast: ‘Conversion Optimization’ is something every business is looking for and Pam Moore, the CEO and partner of Marketing Nutz which specializes in it. Well-endowed with a pleasing personality, she is a keynote international speaker trainer, best-selling author, consultant, strategist and a guide in every way for your digital marketing ventures. She is passionate and her speeches exude equal amount of zeal when it comes to comprehensive digital marketing. She helps businesses achieve their goals and objectives.


  • Shama Hyder: CEO of The Marketing Zen Group. Keynote Speaker. Host & Producer. Best Selling Author. Forbes & Inc – 30 Under 30. The description in her profile tagline says it all. A very young marketer, and an avid speaker, Shama has proved that excellence has no age limits. She has it all, beauty and brains. A very young CEO of Marketing Zen Group, she hosts and produces talks that empower the youth of the world and help them grow their entrepreneurship in the field of digital marketing. There are many awards to her credit which include the prestigious Technology Titan Emerging Company CEO award, she was named one of the “Top 25 Entrepreneurs under 25” by Business Week in 2009 and one of the “Top 30 under 30” Entrepreneurs in America in 2015.


  • Neil Patel: Co-Founder at Crazy Egg & Hello Bar: Who hasn’t heard about Neil Patel? Starting from a humble beginner, ferocious struggler to one of the most powerful speaker and successful marketer, Neil Patel has grown his career in leaps and bounds. With his lean physique and bald head, he doesn’t look anything like regular elites, he has his own style which he carries with a gentle expression, but a firm and robust mindset that helps him not only grow his own career, but also to make others’. On his LinkedIn profile, he summarizes himself in one line, “I’m a digital marketer and analytics junkie” and also gives an open invitation for people to connect, “I’d love to connect with you, so send me an invite…”


  • Bryan Eisenberg: Keynote Speaker, & NY Times Best Selling Author: As mentioned in hiss LinkedIn Profile, “Bryan Eisenberg the founder & CMO of IdealSpot and is the co-author of the Wall Street Journal & New York Times bestselling books ‘Call to Action’, ‘Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?’, ‘Always Be Testing’ and ‘Buyer Legends: The Executive Storytellers Guide’.” He has this charming personality with simple, yet powerful thoughts that have an ability to put everything in a new light, including digital marketing campaigns. He talks about improving the experiences of customers, whether it is on the social media, website, online shopping portal and any other place online. He also talks about improving conversion rates, Persuasion Architecture, and persona marketing. He has been featured by The New York times and The Wall street Journal.


These people not only have achieved their position in the digital marketing, but are still working relentlessly for making it even bigger and better. It doesn’t matter who you are and where you come from, just making and improving your techniques will make you stand alongside of these people. It is a young field and has a lot of scope to grow, and who knows; maybe your profile will become a part of next blog on marketing Gurus.

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