To cut it short, these are the few recent celebrity-company signings that caused more embarrassment than brand value.

Virat Kohli – Celkon

I have no idea what Virat Kohli’s agency is up to. The guy is the most promising cricketers of all, plays for the most glamorous IPL side and qualifies as good looking. After all this, he chooses Celkon. Worse, the cheesy line, “Apna phone number dal dena zara” downgrades him to a cheap roadside romeo. Even a badly directed ad can have a better pick up line. No respectable woman would like the tone of the ad. Bad, Virat. Please pull up your endorsements socks.

Saif Ali Khan – Appy Fizz/Amul Macho

That’s not what a Royalty, A-grade, sophisticated actor is supposed to be doing. Appy Fizz is ridiculous; Amul Macho is unbearable, especially with Saif dancing down a running track in black chaddi (it’s shorts, otherwise) and white Banian. One expected Saif to stay away from Chaddi-Banian ad, but I think they paid him truckloads of money for that.

Sachin Tendulkar – Toshiba

Earlier, I was about to mention the Sachin-Luminous ad but Toshiba marginally overshadowed with its eerie performance. Whenever I saw this ad on TV, I used to cringe within for its lethargic effort, poor visuals, and pathetic use of a legendary cricketer – purely from creative viewpoint. Could have been far far better.

Malaika Arora – Chaini Chaini

We all know that’s as close as chalk and cheese. Malaika Arora’s off-screen image as a glamorous, urbane mother is exact opposite to a khaini eating crowd. The only connect can be that Malaika has carved a niche in item number songs, the theme on which the song is based.

Chetan Bhagat – Mercedes Benz

I didn’t get it at all, so I asked a few random people what they felt about the association. Well, their reaction was the same. Absurd…weird…why?…seriously? Chetan Bhagat as far as I know is not really the well-heeled’s favourite. Even if he is, I am not sure how many hypocritical, image-conscious elite would like associate with Bhagat, with due respect to his bestselling novels.

I’d be curious to see if it works.

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