One of the advertising principles that I’ve always stuck to is that whatsoever the medium, idea is the greatest tool that can differentiate a creative unit or an agency, and this stands true for all those agencies that are either 100% digital or have integrated digital into their offline capabilities. As long as you have the creative prowess, you will find the technology easy to understand and execute. It’s almost impossible to work the other way around.

Digital has come a long way in the past decade. We have moved from Google to Facebook, and have had our shares of Orkuts in between all that. Yahoo! and Bing promised but failed to penetrate the consumer psyche. Digital has a very important synonym that differentiates it from all other mediums – Interactive.  One of the thumb rules to check if your digital strategy is correct is to evaluate how ‘interactive’ your campaign is. Is it making conversations with the people or it is an online version of an outdoor hoarding that falls on deaf ears? The social space of digital is hugely interactive and there are no two ways about it that if you want to go digital then go social (and social is not a synonym for Facebook or Twitter). We are over with the phenomenon of Search Marketing. Let me put it this way – Do you go to Facebook more or Google in a day? Are you more of a Twitter person or someone who looks forward to sponsored links while doing a Google search? You have the answer and now know what I am trying to say.

Let me put it another way. Most brands that have succeeded in digital are the ones who have been innovative. I certainly believe that even if Fortune 1000 brands start using digital smartly, they can totally get rid of traditional marketing (I am assuming that the TG is on the Internet). Moreover, they can half their marketing budget and double their visibility, seriously! If I can make my consumer talk to me using a tool such as an App, game or just an innocuous wall post (content is the king here) then I am creating a brand recall value that is greater than a million dollar worth TVC that my TG may not even be interested in.

Some time back, TV killed the Radio star. It’s time for interactive to kill the TV star. The common thread is that they all survived on the power of ideas!

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