Ok, now you rope in a Bollywood superstar along with his yesteryears and still respected wife. We know you are a mega budget brand. After all you sell, women’s best friend, diamonds. We love seeing AB in films and ads his comic timing hasn’t rusted over the years. Let’s say he doesn’t fail to entertain, and Jayaji (or Jaya Aunty for KJ fans) also puts her commanding and demanding foot forward. But what lies beyond entertainment? Nakshatra banked upon Katrina’s sashaying along with the breeze, with her silk sari slipping smoothly over her forearms, her diamonds glowing in an ambience that reflect a cosmic treat. The ad film was subtle, sensuous and pretty much like what diamonds are – sublime, exquisite and intoxicating.

That Tanishq chose humor as a theme is good, a risk well-taken for a product that does not induce laughter. You associate a sophisticated smile with diamonds, a Satya Paul Sari and grace of a lady to carry them in an alluring fashion. Hence, playing with humor on such a product is a risk, but nothing makes advertising more exciting than shock treatment. And I will give full marks to Tanishq on this. Having said that, Tanishq somehow disappoints me despite spending a fortune. The TVC opens with Amitabh shaping his hands as if he were holding an imaginary diamond box, or necklace or some diamond jewellery. Jayaji reacts with disdain, questioning his buying intelligence. Seeing her reaction, AB rushes off in his car to a Tanishq store, where he is apparently briefed on the kinds of diamonds. Unsurprisingly, AB buys just the right kind of diamond necklace for this wife who is equally flattered and amused.

My questions. Why does Amitabh cup his hands right in the beginning, illustrating he is holding a box of diamond necklace? Is that a dress rehearsal, a dream? Beyond my intelligence. Secondly, who in the world wants to be trained as hard as Amitabh is? Well, in any case, dealing with men is less cumbersome for jewellery salesman. And men really want to memorize that? Isn’t buying a diamond necklace good enough? Okay, I know that’s clever advertising because Amitabh has to speak about the product and praise it endlessly; that’s what he is paid for. In the end, Amitabh also silently says something when Jaya Bachchan demands for bangles. I have tried hard but I have not been able to pick it up and I am not going to learn lip-reading for it. If somebody can, please let me know (there are high chances that that ‘somebody’ would be from the agency or the client side).

I regret that I have criticized back-to-back two TVCs in my posts here. But it’s sad that great concepts are turning into poor senseless execution. Time before someone induces sense into television advertising.

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