Social media marketing, as I have come to know, is a tricky business.  The more you get into it, the more questions pop into your mind, hence more clarity. Ok, social media is full of people, restless young users, who make decision in split-second, and give no second thoughts when blurting their thoughts out to their friends/connections/whatevers. Social media marketing be a young and upcoming baby of big brands, but it has thrown doors open to small businesses as well for two major reasons: a) It is cost-effective b) The brand owner has full control over the marketing activities, apart from being measureable.

What should small business do on social media?

a) Count on the loyalists – You are a local giant, could be a restaurant, a famous apparel store or just about anything. You have your loyalists. They are young, hip and upwardly. They are on social media. Get them on first. Engage, interact and make friends with them. They love your brand. Give them back their due.

b) Covert half-loyal into full – Apart from loyalists, there are experimentionists (it’s a coinage) who just experiment. They are the ones who make noise, who spread the good and bad word. Get them in too. They will get your so-called topline inflated.

c) Focus on brand awareness – Then there are the unawares (most relevant for start-ups) who can’t even pronounce your brand name right. They could also remember your brand as “seen somewhere, heard somewhere.” Target them. Pull them in. Start with an interesting interaction by knowing their behaviour.

What small businesses should NOT do on Social Media?  

a) Target everyone – Don’t do that for your brand and everyone else’s sake. Target your audience only on social media.

b) Put up mindless content strategy – As a wise man said, silence is a virtue for those who don’t know what to say. Just shut up when you are not confident of your conversations. It will do lesser harm. Better, draw a content strategy.

c) Don’t do it ‘all by yourself’ – You could be a cash-crunched, high-adrenaline start-up that wants control over anything, or you could be a wealthy brand that detests outsourcing. No harm if you are an expert. But if you are lesser exposed to the social medium, please hire a social media agency to draw a roadmap. It would help at some stage.

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