Pitchers (those who pitch to prospective clients) wear many hats. They are the ones who go ahead and create accounts, generate leads, and rake the moolah. In my career span of 10 years, I have witnessed pitchers of various kinds, and one of the most loud are the ones who are compulsive preachers. Okay, they are concept sellers, they are the endorsers to the experts, experts to the naïve. And they work! But not all times. One should know when to preach, or as I may say, oversell, overdo, overkill…For all I know they are the great speakers, and if they find a great listener in a prospective client, they will speak till their lungs exhaust themselves.

So, should we preach?

–       No, preaching is not good. Yes, that’s opinionated. Preaching often exhibits the fact that one is under-confident and over-seller. What’s the way? Sell subtle. Don’t be a papa that preaches (#Madonna).

–       Yes. I am contradicting myself. But one should preach when it is required, and it is required only about 1-2% of times.

–       May be. Well, largely it depends upon the kind of personality you are. Are you a charming speaker? Yes? Go ahead, and charm off. Are you a lousy-yawn-inducing chap? Keep it succinct but do your best. Self-evaluation would do a lot to ensure that you are a natural preacher or not?

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