Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma, Bejan Daruwala, Salma Rushdie, Anish Kapoor – what do they have in common? They are all great brands, by the virtue of either their work or their personal branding efforts.

I mean look at Deepak Chopra. Like him or hate him, he is synonymous with neo-spirituality. His website is clean, he engages consumers with regular emailers, and even keeps his instagram followers busy. If that’s not enough he is a LinkedIn influencer and has almost 3 million followers on Twitter. For me, he is a great example of personal branding.


True, personal branding is nascent in India, and most freelancers or consultants don’t even have a website. They don’t do just enough. What are the things that go into making a great personal brand? Some of the are:

Treat yourself like a brand 

Start putting in your head you are a product, like Coke, Nike, or Starbucks and you have to be positioned in a certain matter. Give only 2 percent of your time everyday establishing your brand equity.

Get a professional brand identity 

Get rid of that cheap shabby retro logo from your visiting card. Give it a contemporary, thoughtful image. Involve a professional design agency or a graphic designer.

Web! Web! Web! 

Ok, you might have a website, but is that website doing more harm that good. From what I have personally seen, most personal websites diminish brand equity of an individual. Have a professional, aesthetic and interactive website. On a shoestring budget? Opt for a wordpress theme and get kickstarted.

Are you interacting?

You know your stuff, right? But how do others know how well you know your stuff. Simple, tell them. Run a blog, get active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN (hashtag the keywords), and get the ball rolling. Be a thought leader. Robin Sharma regularly updates his youtube channel with 2 minute videos. Do that if you can.


One thing that you stand for

All iconic brands stand for that one thing. Harley Davidson means freedom, Starbucks means serving people, etc. What is your USP. Are you a healer that is into therapy? May be your that one thing is creating happiness.

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