For me personally, Old Spice is the good old cologne/after shave that I used to find gently placed on the sink of my grandfather’s (mind you, he was a idiosyncratic, retired Colonel) bathroom, during my childhood. It was perhaps the most masculine object I was ever acquainted with. In my masculine-inspired mornings, I used to spray some Old Spice on my virgin face to smell like a man. Well, that was then. Now is now. In between the decades of growing up, many colognes have assaulted the market, and number of men have mightily increased, not to forget the so-called disposable income (when was India the favored market for selling fragrances? That glory was reserved for those clumsy strollers on Champs Elysees). Old Spice was lost in the hordes of Axes, Brutes, and of course, the higher-end Armanis, but not forgotten. The way I look at it, it’s like the classic Ambassador, only which has somehow remained true to our times (Another factor is that every brand now is into fragrances from Zara to FCUK). Well, let’s get to the point. I am getting to the new Old Spice campaign that has been launched on digital medium (not sure about TV, as I hardly watch it).

My opinion on the Milind Soman-featuring campaign called Mantastic (oh! the good old coinage!)? It’s like a chicken of good breed that was served on the bland side! Milind Soman, yes, syncs up with the brand very well, as the vintage and sophisticated. But for me, that’s where the buck stops. The campaign/shoot is clearly inspired from the more popular western campaign “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”. But then, west is west, and east is east. Milind Soman stars in quite a few ads with one in which he introduces mantastic and gets pretentious about his belongings. There’s one titled Naked (sorry, not tantalizing if the TG is man, except for those who swing the other way).  The Adventures of the Mantastic Man hardly sounds adventurous. A few creatives that I saw on Facebook page look confusing to me, though ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ don’t suggest the same.

I could not fathom what Old Spice is trying to do than pick up a flop actor and successful model (I like the fact though that he sports his greys) and making him speak English that we are used to see Will Smith mumble at astronomical speed. It comes across awkward. Whatever be the central theme, whether I like it or not, the brand has certainly done well to execute it well across digital platforms and create a conversation around it.

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