I was quite naturally very excited when globally-renowned Entrepreneur magazine was launched in India a few months back.  ‘Entrepreneur’ has globally gained a biblical reputation amongst entrepreneurs and I am a regular visitor to the website – which is an amazing repository of case studies, information, tips and insightful interviews.
Needless to mention, I immediately subscribed to the magazine upon its arrival in India. Till now, I have read about six issues of the magazine and quite honestly it has been largely disappointing to me. It seems the Indian issue lacks the sting and compelling content that has made it a success world over. If I compare ‘Entrepreneur’ with arguably its only competitor in India ‘Dare’ (a flop Cybermedia publication), ‘Entrepreneur ’ is miles ahead in terms of content.

However, my expectations from ‘Entrepreneur’  were sky high. In the few issues that I have read, the publication has had staid stories that have had tips that can be best stated as Generic.

So, why ‘Entrepenuer is a failure in my opinion?

Reason #1 A publication such as Entrepreneur needs to have something for everyone.  I have had issues when I have been hooked (even if the stories have not been as incisive as I would have liked them to be) and there are issues that have failed to grip me beyond a minute.  A publication as thick as that MUST have something for everyone – even job-seekers!

Reason # 2 Who is Entrepreneur’s core Target  Group? Entrepreneurs or ‘aspiring entrepreneurs’? May be, both but the core TG has to be entrepreneurs and most of the time the stories I read are titled something like this: “Top home-based business ideas” or “Low-investment business ideas.” An entrepreneur would not be hooked by this. He is into a business already! For him Michael Dell’s opinion on innovation would be more hooking, irrespective of his business vertical. Perhaps, ‘Entrepreneur’ needs to take some inspiration from Entrepreneurs page of the Economic Times (visit www.ideas.economictimes.com).

I have no clue if Entrepreneur has studied its consumer feedback or devised a mechanism to have consumer feedback. But if it has, I am sure there would be some concerns like I have, and the global publication would take some action soon enough to address the problem in its content.

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