It’s never been done before, at least in my memory that a brand has come out stating quite unabashedly that they are not most expensive in their league. Yes, not the most premium, but the most expensive (in cost)! The strategy is clear for Pan Bahar Crystal: tickle the pretentious and don’t give a shit (or do?) to others. At Rs 200/75 gm (details from their Facebook page), Pan Bahar is playing on shallow minds (yes, I am 100% opinionated here, even as a professional marketer). The USPs are a crystal on the cap of the can, ‘special’ holographic mirror pouch of 4 gm, with added silver leaves! It is hard for me to name Pan Bahar Crystal as a premium brand; after all which premium brands puts out a campaign proclaiming it is the ‘most expensive’ brand in the world. The basic argument in this case would the mindset of the core TG who view crystal as something associated with luxury, and their overall gold-laden lifestyle syncs with Pan Bahar Crystal. For me, the ad has killed all notions of subtlety, lost all value and gained a ‘cost’, and put off, what I hope to say, some of its TG.

Chappati PR
So the Mahakumbh, apart from the tragic stampede and celebrity visits, has been in news for another reason. For the Lifebuoy Chappati campaign. The idea of stamping chappatis across 100-odd dhabas with ‘Lifebuoy se haath dhoye kya?’ (did you wash your hands with Lifebuoy) must have surprised quite a few hungry souls at Allahbad. The novel campaign, conceptualized and executed by OgilvyAction, capitalizes on the sheer number of Mahakumbh devotees who I also believe to be a part of core TG of the brand.

Intriguing and unique, the chappati campaign has also been able to drive home the PR advantage, and ‘stamp’ their presence beyond the banks of Ganges.


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