Before we get to Google Chrome extensions, let’s begin by understanding what SEO means. In simple words, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of appearing on the top of the organic listing of a search engine. In other words, it means optimizing your content in a way that whenever a search with the topic of your content is made, your content organically appears on top of the search listings because of the right keywords. 

There are various steps that one undertakes to accomplish SEO, like building a website that is SEO friendly, content building with the right keywords, on-site and off-site SEO. To understand Google Chrome Extensions, we don’t need to get into the technicalities of SEO. Extensions refer to mini software programs that enable you to have a tailor-made browsing experience. They are plugged within the browser and operate within it. They can be viewed as a small icon at the top of the page.

Extensions usually serve a single well-defined purpose. They can be built on different web technologies including but not limited to Java, CSS, and even on HTML. Every extension serves a different purpose. Google Chrome extensions are the ones that are compatible with the search engine and can be used as an in-built feature. Let’s look at some of the best Google Chrome extensions that will help you up your game and help you create a powerful SEO strategy


This is one of the most essential Google Chrome extensions on the list. With just one click, it helps the users to check their SEO ranking and status. It not only provides the metrics for viewing the web pages but also helps the users to export the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) into a file for the purpose of analysis. It also offers a premium feature that can be used for further analysis of keywords & their difficulty levels and page optimization. MozBar is one of the most essential tools that should be on top of your list if you are looking to go for SEO. 

Keyword Everywhere

True to its name, this is a keyword research extension. Keyword Everywhere shows analysis for your page by giving out information on three domains, related to keywords on Google. It shows your competition on Google AdWords, search volume on a monthly basis and cost per click.  It also provides data on other tools like Amazon, Youtube, and eBay directly. Given that this will be an in-built extension, you don’t have to go back and forth to find Google keywords. It also allows you to download files in different formats like excel and pdf. 


This is another one of the most popular extensions as it offers details related to traffic and key metrics of a website. It is popular because it is helpful in building a strategy for your website because it lets you see the strategy and statistics for any website with just one click. If your interest is in analyzing different SEO strategies and trends, then this is one extension you should definitely have as your Google Chrome extension. Get a detailed analysis of engagement and traffic on your website and others, all in one place. 


In recent times, with social media gaining all the popularity, social media marketing is an essential tool for any website and business. For this reason, BuzzSumo comes in the top 5 most essential google chrome extensions of all times. It shows you how a particular piece of content is performing in terms of it being shared or how is it trending on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. It also helps you check the backlinks and plan a better SEO strategy. 


If you are creating content in any way, using the correct grammar is the first rule to it. In the world of languages, being grammatically incorrect is considered a sin. Thankfully, now you have a Google Chrome extension for this as well. Grammar, spelling, use of prepositions and tenses, it helps you correct your mistakes as you write and also give an explanation so that you keep learning in the process. Creating the right content is the first step to SEO and Grammarly has made it a lot easier. 

Trending Now

Google trends can be analyzed with the extension called “Trending Now”. It has made the life of digital marketers easier by providing an easy search for which words and what content is trending the most. It presents the trend analysis for your website using charts and graphics and helps you understand the latest SEO trends. It has made it really easy and quick to track what’s working and what’s not working on the internet.


SEMrush is in the form of a dashboard, which works on reporting the performance of your domain and individual pages of the website. It is a very basic and important tool for your SEO strategy as it also helps in analyzing your backlinks performance and ranking the keyword trends through one of its most essential features called the SEO Toolkit. 


Woorank provides a detailed analysis and SEO report for any website. It also gives suggestions for improvements on particular websites. It can be a very helpful review tool for your website. The tips and suggestions offered by Woorank can help you improve your website rankings and the overall SEO strategy. It is a free tool that covers both on-page and off-page factors for an in-depth SEO analysis. 

Buzzmarker BuzzStream

Buzzmarker is a unique google chrome extension that provides you insights and analysis that is specific to your business type. It also helps you to manage all the information it provides like the Buzzstream links, websites, people and link them to the working of your company as per your requirements. It gives you a 14-day free trial and is a powerful tool when it comes to analysis of search listings. 


This tool provides details about what technology a website is using. Its utility is that it provides cross-platform information about the technologies being used for different websites. The technology that it can detect can be related to server software, analytical tools, web management systems, and content management related frameworks. It basically does a complete analysis of what is under the skin of the website and why it works the way it does. 

Check my links

True to its name, Check my links checks all the possible links on a webpage in one place and see if they are all working fine. It also highlights which ones are working fine and which ones are not. It is the most used extension by SEO specific content- writers and designers, website developers, and technicians. It allows you to copy all the non-working links to the clipboard at once and is a big time-saver when you are dealing with heavily linked web-pages.

Mangools SEO extension

Mangools is one of the most essential google chrome extensions, specific to the on-page SEO as it spots optimization errors in headlines and tags and helps fix them. It also includes important tools like a word-counter, keyword density checker and search engine result page (SERP) preview. Using Mangools gives you some of the main SEO metrics and popularity metrics without shifting tabs. It also has options to view rank tracking, overview, and backlinks. It is one such tool that helps you do more in a single package. 

SEO Quake

Compatible with several browser extensions and regularly updated, this google chrome extension is an easy to use multi-utility tool. It is like a free plug-in that does the SEO analysis and provides metrics for on-page SEO. It gives domains and URL specific intelligence for trend analysis. It was designed by SEMrush and provides various important metrics like the Alexa rank and Google index.SEO Quake is a little nifty plugin that you can use to quickly check keyword density and word count of any page you browse.

Redirect path

This extension is famous as the cousin of Microsoft’s grammar check line.  It brings potential issues to light which may otherwise get ignored, like 301, 302, 404, redirects and 500 HTTP status codes. Temporary redirects are a major issue for many websites and the Redirect path extension tracks the response code and finds out several redirects just by opening the webpage. 

NinjaOutreach Lite 

This google chrome extension from Ninja Outreach enables your browser to do advanced-level data mining. It also offers various SEO tools for outreach to do useful extraction for website data. 

While SEO is a challenging task only trained people can perform, it is also the need of the hour. The right tools make it easier to track trends and build the right strategy for your website to ensure that your content reaches the audience at the topmost priority. These google chrome extensions are the tools that will make it easier for your website to master SEO and be a Digital Marketing pioneer. The best way to learn these tools is to use them.

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