Top SEO experts and sites today acknowledge that blog is a pivotal part of your SEO strategy. Being at the helm of a digital marketing agency, I have always had a separate love for being ‘found’ as a part of pull marketing strategy.

So how do we make a blog post that conforms to mandates of SEO and helps you site be ‘found’.

Use Google Keyword Planner 

This is a no-brainer for an SEO strategist. SEO proposals begin and end here. Lookout for those long-tail key phrases that can be targeted. For example, here I have chosen “How to Write a Blog Post for SEO”. It also contains many combinations of key phrases that are searched in abundance.

Do not go for key phrases that are too competitive. You cannot dethrone those top pages by just getting that blog post right. Choose the ones with medium competition. They make for a better Google fodder.

Choose an SEO-friendly wordpress theme  

Word Press theme marketplaces like Mojo Marketplace have hundreds of themes to choose from. Get a theme that does not only suit your business (from many choices and options) but also is SEO-friendly.

Please also ensure that the theme has a pleasant and user-friendly UX.

Word Length

Word Length is a tricky business. Let’s say that the aim is not to create a long topic but to create a blog post in a manner that users spend time on the blog post, reading it.

It can be done by of course creating a blog post that has screenshots, grabs, graphics, and other value adds.

It will reduce the bounce rate of your blog hence creating a welcome Google Analytics hygiene.

Package the content 

Nobody wants to read long, yawning paragraphs. Create blog posts that have highlighted content to push across vital points.

Succinct and to-the-point 

Superfluousness is a big no-no. No point adding content that can be just overshot. If it doesn’t add value it does not need be there.

Fix the metas

Basic SEO shit. Let the meta titles and descriptions be targeted at SEO crawlers. Google Keyword Planner is the go-to guide for this.

Inspire social media sharing 

If you have social media widgets then there’s a likelihood of readers sharing your content. It leads to valuable link-building and leads to virality of content.

Yield the power of blog with effective blog writing services.


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