SEO Manager

The past few days have gone into hiring SEO manager level candidates that has made me move closer to Search Engine Optimization than ever before.

So, how do we hire SEO analysts/experts in the Indian landscape?

Analytical Skills – Largely underrated it is perhaps the most important pre-sales requisite. To create SEO strategy for any client or self-owned product it is critical to understand business, it’s intricacies and keywords that a prospective customer might be using to search for. Most SEO managers miss this critical piece which falls in the client servicing lap. In case there’s a business analyst, he/she also needs SEO Manager’s help in deciding the all-critical pre-sales pitch.

Contemporary Knowledge: The Pandas and the Penguins have made many practices less effective or completely obsolete. Still I see CVs replete with expertise in these practices. Are you practicing what is today, or is your strategy still what you learnt a year ago. In my opinion, hire someone who has a great intuitive sense of what’s going to happen in SEO than even what’s happening today.

What tools do they use? A split-second reply from the candidate would hint certainty else they are making it up. SEO Managers rely on tools for analysis for both on-page and off-page and they subscribe to them to do competition analysis. While many tools are freely available, in case of more sophisticated analysis paid tools are recommended (it’s a safe investment).

Is he obsessed enough? There is more art in SEO than science. If the candidate is not obsessed enough it is impossible for him to get results. One has to be experimental, obsessive and passionate about getting results if you are to make an effective SEO manager. Otherwise, just hire an SEO Agency

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