With a 3% market share in Email Scheduling, GMass is a powerful mass emailing service that integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Google apps, and Google Drive. It has the ability to send emails as either a brand new email or as a reply to a previous thread and offers up to 8 automatic follow-ups that you can set and forget. It breaks daily sending limits, avoids spam filters, and allows for unlimited personalization in mass email campaigns.

Personalization is the game changer when it comes to email outreach. If you aren’t personalizing, your results are going to be subpar. Personalized emails deliver a 6x higher transaction rate than non-personalized emails. According to a report by eConsultancy, almost 74% of marketers say targeted personalization boosts customer engagement.

How does it work?

By using Gmail extension GMass, you can easily send a mass, personalized email to every email address in your Gmail account. You simply need to get all of the email addresses in the To field, compose your Subject and Message, and hit the GMass button instead of the Gmail Send button.

Without Gmass, Google’s platforms only allow you to send emails to a certain number of people at a time. For G Suite, that means you can only reach 2,000. With Gmail, the sending limit is just 500 people. For mass emailing campaigns, that is not good enough. Gmass uses an advanced email distribution system to take that problem off of your plate. When Gmass detects that you are attempting to send a newsletter to more than 500 people using a Gmail account (or 2,000 people using a G Suite account), it automatically distributes the emails over multiple days. That means that even if you have 8,000 people on your mailing list, you can press the send button once and then rest assured that Gmass will make sure all of your newsletters are delivered.

Recently, they added a feature where you can get your emails proofread by an English expert to correct common spelling and punctuation mistakes, and give suggestions on how to improve your email’s grammatical & contextual strength. It truly is an amazing piece of technology that can save you a lot of time, energy, and stress!

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