Digital MarketingIt was only about a couple of months of ago that I learnt of The Quint, baby of Raghav Behl, who had earlier formed News18 and later sold it to Reliance Group. The Quint makes for an interesting case study. It is a digital news media company that is quickly making inroads (the latest being that they have hired Barkha Dutt for upcoming UP elections).

It’s nearest and closest rivals on the web, aside from the mainstream media channels, are Scoopwhoop and BCL licensed property The Huffington Post.

Here is a comparison of their social media presence and owned property as of January 2017.

The Quint ScoopWhoop The Huffington Post (India)
Facebook 5 million + 3 million + 1 million +
Twitter 147K 97.4K 99.5K
YouTube 38,160 560,138 NA
Website Alexa Rank (India) 938 225 555
Website Visits (monthly) 5.40 Million 27.90 Million 4.80 Million

A few points to note here would be that Scoopwhoop has a few more than it’s main channels like Videos, Sports, etc. It also has a YouTube channel that makes web series targeted largely at youth, hence the surge in subscribers. On the other hand, The Quint and The Huffington Post see themselves as quintessentially media/news company. From an article that I read lately on, Scoopwhoop is valued at USD 30 million while The Quint and Huffington Post do not have any valuations in public, largely because they have not invited any external funding.

The Quint remains a clear leader in social media presence largely because of their well-furnished and investigative content, whereas the other two focus largely on contemporary and mainstream news. However, you can see that The Quint lags behind when it comes to visit on their website. This can be largely due to a few factors: lack of SEO content (ability to be searched on the web), lack of backlinks from social media (they make the reader consume content on social media), and may be lack of recall as they are the latest entrant (The Huffington Post gets a lot of traffic from their global source while Scoopwhoop has a cult youth following).

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