Eleven minutes, for a moment, seemed to be something similar to the novel of the same name by Paulo Coelho, but to my surprise it was a video with an actor known for her sleaze, a veteran dubbed as eternal and crying father in Bollywood films, and a cult sidekick.

11 Minutes, as one has come to learn, is the time deducted from your lifespan upon smoking one cigarette. The latest to hit the non-smoking hot press, it is entertaining, contemporary and filled with ingredients to go viral. A rural setting and dialect is incorporated to influence bidi and hookah smokers as well. Perhaps, gutka is the missing link.

On the flip side, the campaign, albeit laid upon the last wishes of a man who finds himself 11 minutes short of fornicating with his dream girl, lacks the drive of dissuading smokers. I mean we can live without having sex with Sunny Leone, even if it becomes as accessible as it is in the video. Secondly, smokers philosophically rubbish the idea of living long. Instead, a more fearful factor is living with a disease such as cancer, of the lung or throat or whatever. For me, the ‘fear factor’ has gone wrong.

Despite its strengths and shortcomings, the video is being urged to be shared and liked by the star cast. Not a bad ploy.

Well, and video or no video, kick the butt. Have a glass of water instead or take a few deep breaths.

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