So, you have identified your TG, location, age, gender, etc on Facebook and numbers are mind-boggling. Next step? Make and ad and bang! you start the campaign.

But when does the trouble start brewing? Once you notice that the leads you expected to generate are much lesser than a realistic shot, worse, the leads are there but conversions are dismal.

The question is how to get your social media ad right?


  • Once you have your social media targeting right, it is time to get the ad design right. If you have not hired a design agency or a seasoned visualiser it is the time to do so. Design appeals. Period.
  • Another basic is to get the copy right. The copy is what is going to the click. Embed in copy what you are selling. Is it a cheap house, a revolutionary beauty product, technology, etc. Be aware it is not need-based advertising, so you might have to create a need. Thinking David Ogilvy here!
  • Make a definite CTA. A strategic call to action can make or break the spine of a campaign. Look beyond Learn More and Buy Here. Selling a home decor piece? Why not say: “Make my home more beautiful”. Selling life insurance? Say: “Secure you life”.
  • Do A/B testing for best results. Need one say more?
  • Optimise your landing page. Use a paid tool if you are new to this. Research on best practices. Say enough but not superfluous. Use images to convey your message. Consider landing page as an extension to the ad, and compel the user to subscribe/register.
  • Obsess over analytics. Whether it is Google Analytics or an inbound marketing tool, analyse the trend and tailor make a campaign.


  • Don’t do the common drill. One example I can think of is hordes of digital marketing agencies putting up ads on social media with copies such as “Take your brand digital”, or “top digital agency in the country” and so on. Stop drumming yourself. Get novel. For example, push content marketing. It’s harder work, more drills, more resources but higher engagement. Get intellectual. Get intelligent. Let the user think you are intelligence before they buy your service/product.
  • Don’t do guesswork on social media. Hire a social media expert to run your campaign, optimise it, fix it, modify it and link it with your entire gamut of marketing activities.
  • Start small. Do a pilot. Learn your lessons, and get going.
  • Don’t go all in all out and then go bust. Social media is a marathon. It is better to have your potential customer see you 30 times in 50 days than 30 times in 2 days. He’s not going anywhere, trust me.
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