Content packaging and marketing is an approach that focuses on consistently creating and distributing content in such a way that it has a high degree of value and relevance. Content marketing is done to attract and retain a clearly defined audience that ultimately leads to profitable customer action. The goal remains to generate leads that pay economic benefits and at the same time build brand loyalty with the clients.

Benefits of Content Marketing Tools and Technologies

Content is the spine of the website and dictates the brand personality, tonality, and financial effectiveness. Marketing the content with the correct approach and appeal will make your brand stand out from the rest and have a long-lasting persuasive effect on the audience. In the digital era, the ‘content’ of a website, blog or mobile application comprises of text, audio (like a podcast or background music), audio-visual (like videos), graphics (like infographics such as flowcharts, animations, photographs, and logo).
The benefits content marketing include muscular brand awareness. You would not only see a considerable buzz and visibility for your brand but as a content marketer, you will also be able to establish a strong relationship with your target audience. Careful and insightful optimization of text and images on the website can fetch you an improved domain authority (DA) and recognition. Your credibility in the industry will boost closer to an expert level. This will open communication channels with your audience that will subsequently improve your content as you will also be updated of the qualitative feedback.

Because content marketing uses strategic tools to market, persuade and gratifies the needs and desires of the target audience after making a comprehensive analysis. A good content marketing services can generate traffic to your website which can, in turn, generate profit on the advertising front. This is also known as ‘double sword marking’ in which you market not only the content on your website but also the traffic you generate to the advertisers.
As another benefit, intelligently improvised Search Engine Optimisation. Creation of tags and meta tags help categorize your website and its content on the search engine your website is registered on. Your website becomes discoverable on the account of relevant searches queries. Search engines have comprehensive and thought out algorithms which have a mechanism to negate half-baked content, so content that is curated well and marketed well grabs a heightened organic viewership.

How Content Marketing Technologies Benefit Content Marketing

Content marketing is a popular tool among digital marketer as they found an additional 538% more success rate than those who don’t. Content marketing is also capable of generating up to 3 times the number of leads at a 62% lower cost as compared to traditional outbound marketing. 61% of the consumers made an action-oriented sales action after reading a recommendation on a blog post. This signifies the power of digital content marketing and its ripple effect on overall sales and branding imaging.
Listed below are some of the creatively amazing content marketing case studies that can help you better understand why and how content should be marketed along with its nuances:


Zomato does an in-depth analysis of their target audience with respect to demographics, psychographics, and geo-demographics. Zomato understands the needs and expectations of its audience’s food preferences and the level of convenience they are ready to bear. Zomato keeps from following a daily posting schedule, but rather comes up with a quality digital advertising campaigns robust in a clean copy, rich in pun and informative insights. Zomato handles Social Media Optimisation (SMO) by packaging the content with relevant hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Buffer is also one with an interesting personality and an, even more, quirkier and eye-ball grabbing digital content marketing. Buffer obeys a strategic digital presence for their customers seeking to build an audience online. The company works on a three-tier model for its content online. Initiated by studying the company personality, the current market scenario for the genre it belongs to and then devising a comprehensive strategy for the client. Enriched with relevant SEO and discoverable content, Buffer makes sure there is an additional strategic inter-client partnering of non-competitive accounts to boost online engagement.
Buffer makes the initial boost by posting blogs on websites with high domain authority to grab the first set of over 100,000 users before incorporating a audio-visuals and infographic content to these blogs and made it highly interactive and shareable.

Top Content Marketing Technologies That Will Trend in 2019

Before you adopt a robust social media and digital media strategy, having a good content marketing strategy is imperative. Search engines identify content that is rich in relevant information. SEO marketing will have to be supported with the spine of good quality content that is in a comprehensible format with a simplistic structure having subheads, introductory paragraph, as well as a well-thought-out conclusion.
Below are listed some of the top and trendy content marketing technologies for 2019:

Voice Search Will Dominate Google Searches

By the year 2020, 30% of the web browsing will be done solely through voice searches, without touching the screen. This will enable the users to go hands-free and use voice recognition technologies like Google and Alexa for browsing on search engines. Unquestionable, voice searches will make a significant searching behavior of users. Since voice queries empower users to multi-task while browsing, voice search is going to make content producers and curators mutate their content and strategize in a way that is similar to the spoken language of people. This brings us to the technology of voice recognition. Presently, Alexa- an Amazon product is manufacturing the technology that is built with ‘6 brains’. This means, that the device can understand even the colloquial language and terms and relevantly answer to search queries. It is a big hit among content providing the communication industry and foresees dynamic growth of 62%  in the staff skilled in customizable voice recognition content. 

Artificial Intelligence Is Bigger and More Content-Friendly than Ever

Artificial Intelligence is empowering audiences through technology like predictive analysis, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Generation Processing. Subsequent years to come would see Artificial Intelligence merging into industries like government and consumer markets across the world. According to reports, the technology has increased two-folds from 61% in the year 2017 from being 38% in the last year. AI will change how content online is marketed in the future using crawlers and robust algorithms over search engines and social media sites.
Additionally, AI will not only personalise but also hyper-personalize the search inquiries that decides the number of clicks and finally the share of advertisements that your content gets entitled to. As content marketers, you must maintain consistency of content as well as incorporating the right amount of keywords and meta tags. 

Other Technologies

Other technologies like PR strategies address issues that the audience really care about. Updating your webpage with articles or other literature informing your audience about any collaborations, or events your brand has carried out. Additionally, maintaining an inbound marketing schedule is a good procedure for doing content marketing.

Content is the new currency in the digital marketing world. It is a double-edged sword that dictates the persuasive power and the brand loyalty of your organization. Being updated and sensitive to the latest content marketing technology is imperative for maintaining professional relevance.

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