While I may have attended less than a handful blogger events/meets, I have no speck of doubt that bloggers run digital PR like no one else can. Its disorganized, right, but no brand today can ignore the influence of online blogging, which a prominent blogger recent remarked, should be treated like ‘mainstream media’. It’s not there, but with brands waking up to the influence of blogging, they are catching them rapidly. Most bloggers enjoy a niche in a certain area, and have cult following. Even a blog with a 1000 unique visitors a day is good enough to influence decisions, especially in an age where everything is searched before it is bought or experienced. For example, from laptops to movies, we want to have an unbiased and trusted opinion. In short, no body wants to waste time and money and land up with a worthless product.

From brands point-of-view, influencing bloggers ethically is important because blogs also occur well in search results, as well as popularly shared on social media platforms.

A Few Vital Points:

Make relevant conversations: Bloggers are raw, opinionated folks who lack the basic principles of writing like a professional journalist (this is not a blogger-negative point). Therefore, it is dangerous for brands to let their reputation float online. Solution: Identify primary bloggers in your niche, and get together a blogger’s meet to introduce your product/campaign. In short, do PR.

Do not alienate bloggers: Blogger, like a mainstream journalist, is as much a professional as human. Giving out second-hand treatment to bloggers might just rub off the wrong way. Equal treatment by brands will result in ensuring that in long –term, as online influencers gain traction, bloggers/online influencers get their due importance.

Include influencers, not just bloggers:  Don’t forget there are Twitter celebs too! And they have massive following. Some of them have about 50,000 followers.

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