We do live in a world where the visibility through media channels could make or break your product or service. But what most companies around the world do not get is that pumping in money and garnishing a passable advert with sports stars or film actors poses a very real risk of being forgotten like all the other run-of-the-mill ads.
For any agency the key to creating a good rather a great ad is to truly understand –

–    what a company is all about,

–    who exactly is it trying to target

–    what does it hope to achieve and finally

–    and finally what is the most effective way of creating a buzz

(Read between the lines and understand that effective also means budgeted and smart.)

Even though most of the adverts now are just a bunch of pictures of surreal looking demi-gods or goddesses, there are some agencies (Might I go so far as to add, too far and few in between) that are as the title suggests smart, effective and down right geniuses!

‘Salvation Army’ based in the United States is an organization that provides assistance to the society in any form and helps out in every what way it can. In a bid to raise funds and donations it sought to take the services of an ad agency. Now comes the interesting part, VIA an agency based in Portland, Maine took on the task of creating a campaign for the ‘Salvation Army’. After narrowing down the intent of the company, VIA created a campaign that was based on doing maximum for the people in need with the resources.

Launching a guerrilla type campaign, slogans were written across media donated by other businesses. The media channels comprised dirty cars, rocks, pegs with wood attached to them, windows of stores among others.
Written across the back of a dust covered SUV was ‘We cut our Advertising in Whole – Doing the most good with your donations’. While a red coloured rock had the same words ‘The money we saved from advertising on this rock helps people through hard times’.

Simple, smart, effective and rather clever! VIA helped create the true intent of the message through a campaign that was compelling and honest. VIA deserves a standing ovation for such a brilliant and crafty campaign.
This Cheap, Smart, effective and Down Right Genius campaign will probably help others understand what advertising is really about (hopefully).

Agencies take notes.

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