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4 Things You Can’t Miss in a Digital Marketing Pitch

It’s happened with me quite a few times, and it still happens. Right after making a pitch, I figure out a few elements that could have been incorporated to make a better impact on the prospective client. I am specifically… Continue Reading →

What India searched on YouTube in 2012

A recent press release by Google India only highlights our obsession with Bollywood and popular music. The most watched video on YouTube (India) in 2012 was Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Brown Rang Te followed by Korean sensation PSY’s Ghangham Style…. Continue Reading →

4 Reasons to have a Company Blog

When corporate blogging started, it was popularly perceived as a company mouthpiece or a bridge between the invisible management and curious employees. However, with time, blogging has evolved in marketing viewpoint and has largely been used in traditionally-effective and/or innovative-effective… Continue Reading →

Audi India: Racing Ahead with Race 2

There is a thing or two that Audi India marketing team is doing wonderfully correct. Let me narrow it down to digital marketing. Audi, the German auto major, and now having overtaken Mercedes in market share in the premium segment… Continue Reading →

ebay TVCs: The Rights & Wrongs

The deep-rooted skepticism that comes with online buying is what online retailers and commerce portals have been trying to address for a long time now. And yes, ebay is following the suit. In their latest TVC, ebay, the global online… Continue Reading →

Harley Davidson’s 20 Things to do Before you Die

So, it was a matter of time before Harley Davidson India decided to go on a major online campaign, Before I get down to what I feel about the 20 Things to Do Campaign, let me tell you the most… Continue Reading →

Why Ban Social Media?

A few moons ago, I was watching CNN-IBN. There was probably an hour-long debate on banning social media. The cause was the disturbance in certain areas in south India which led to exodus of Northeasterners. Social media sites such as… Continue Reading →

Get Social to get Optimized

Yes, this is as opinionated as it may sound. A few days ago I shared a blog post from Forbes that largely talked about how Google is killing SEO, and empowering Social media marketing. Upon sharing, I noticed a few… Continue Reading →

Celebs on the Web

We’ve seen them on TV, newspapers & hoardings and heard them on radio. Now, they are conquering the web. Yes, our dear and worshipped celebrities are now on the digital medium as well and that’s not a surprise. Though still… Continue Reading →

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