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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi

In case you are planning to become a digital marketer and are looking for the best digital marketing courses in Delhi, then look no further! Here is my blog post with details on the top 10 digital marketing courses in… Continue Reading →

Keyword Research for SEO in Easy to do steps

The importance of SEO has become paramount in the last few years and with all the backend updates happening on search engines, it is only becoming more important to give it a lot of thought before finalizing content that is… Continue Reading →

Best Marketing Automation Tools (Free and Paid)

Marketing Automation is a term we often get to hear, and it is a significant part of marketing for a business, such as social media marketing, email marketing, or even ad campaigns, to provide a personal experience to the customers…. Continue Reading →

How You Can Master SEO With These 15 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Before we get to Google Chrome extensions, let’s begin by understanding what SEO means. In simple words, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of appearing on the top of the organic listing of a search engine. In other words,… Continue Reading →

Where has the Polo-Cam Gone ?

 (searchengine journal.) Instagram, as we know, is a hugely popular website/app for photo sharing. Its popularity has risen so much that in last 3 years it has grown in leaps and bounds- being listed as the 21st most popular website… Continue Reading →

How Write a Blog Post for SEO

Top SEO experts and sites today acknowledge that blog is a pivotal part of your SEO strategy. Being at the helm of a digital marketing agency, I have always had a separate love for being ‘found’ as a part of… Continue Reading →

The Worst Brand-Celebrity Pairing

To cut it short, these are the few recent celebrity-company signings that caused more embarrassment than brand value. Virat Kohli – Celkon I have no idea what Virat Kohli’s agency is up to. The guy is the most promising cricketers… Continue Reading →

When Online goes Offline – Snapdeal and Flipkart

While many brands that have for years advertised solely on traditional media are going online and increasing their online spends, two of India’s biggest online ecommerce giants Snapdeal and Flipkart are busy making impression on TV audience. If you haven’t… Continue Reading →

Cheap, Smart, effective and Down Right Genius

We do live in a world where the visibility through media channels could make or break your product or service. But what most companies around the world do not get is that pumping in money and garnishing a passable advert… Continue Reading →

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