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Everyone Loves Ecommerce

“You don’t need to be a rocket scientist. Investing is not a game where the guy with the 160 IQ beats the guy with 130 IQ.” – Warrant Buffet It seems nowadays that taking your business online is a natural… Continue Reading →

Politicians/Political Parties on Social Media

It’s bizarre the way elections come and go in our country. Once in five years we are reminded of our fundamental right to slide our chit into the ballot box (confession of a reluctant voter: I have never voted in… Continue Reading →

Clicking Online PR

While I may have attended less than a handful blogger events/meets, I have no speck of doubt that bloggers run digital PR like no one else can. Its disorganized, right, but no brand today can ignore the influence of online… Continue Reading →

Brand Face-shift on Facebook

Whenever I see a newsfeed post from Cricinfo on Facebook, it gives me shudders. There’s a reason for that. I have been a cricket devotee all my life. For the past decade or so, since the Internet dawned upon us,… Continue Reading →

The Curse of Sourced Content

What is upsetting about most Facebook brand pages (in Indian social media landscape) is the sheer number of wall content that is either sourced from YouTube, ageing (not vintage) quotations that have faced the brunt of time, or silly proverbs… Continue Reading →

When Parenting Goes Viral

Janell Burley Hofmann was an unknown name till a few days back. Not surprisingly, because she was a cute mother & blogger somewhere in the US who wrote her experiences randomly. What changed her status was the 18-clause code of… Continue Reading →

What India searched on YouTube in 2012

A recent press release by Google India only highlights our obsession with Bollywood and popular music. The most watched video on YouTube (India) in 2012 was Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Brown Rang Te followed by Korean sensation PSY’s Ghangham Style…. Continue Reading →

Lufthansa Stuttgart Crossword Application

There’s something about Lufthansa Facebook India page especially if you consider the gratification (I am too tempted to start with this): A ticket to Stuttgart and a 3-day hotel stay. That, in itself, I am sure, would draw many a… Continue Reading →

4 Reasons to have a Company Blog

When corporate blogging started, it was popularly perceived as a company mouthpiece or a bridge between the invisible management and curious employees. However, with time, blogging has evolved in marketing viewpoint and has largely been used in traditionally-effective and/or innovative-effective… Continue Reading →

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