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All you Want to know about Gmass

With a 3% market share in Email Scheduling, GMass is a powerful mass emailing service that integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Google apps, and Google Drive. It has the ability to send emails as either a brand new email or as… Continue Reading →

I Do, I Apologize

Well, Benetton did it last year when it had political leaders of different countries (with some differences), kissing each other (on the lip). If that was controversial, this should be controversially creative. JWT India, apparently in a rage of inexplicable… Continue Reading →

The Royal and the Stag

Ok, the two Khans are together again after Kal Ho Na Ho in a 60-second advert for Seagram’s Royal Stag. If last year, Royal Stag focused solely on SRK-driven ad (remember the one where he casually jogs, visibly concealing his… Continue Reading →

Where’s Arzoo Going?

Sabeer Bhatia is best known for not creating Hotmail, but for selling it at a whopping USD 400 Million. The overnight fame and unimaginable wealth that Sabeer Bhatia acquired must have opened up a slew of venture options for him…. Continue Reading →

Missing the bull’s eye: Indiabulls new TVC

When the first generation diversified firm goes TV way, focusing on real estate capabilities with a dreamy A-list star being mesmerized by the rapid development around him, with a Gladiator soundtrack in the background, I am confused. And disappointed. It… Continue Reading →

Least is Most

My favourite part of the day is when I go for a poo in the morning, not just because it is the most relieving moment of the day, the reason is I get my 15 minutes of uninterrupted reading. Now,… Continue Reading →

Nothing Entrepreneurial about it

I was quite naturally very excited when globally-renowned Entrepreneur magazine was launched in India a few months back.  ‘Entrepreneur’ has globally gained a biblical reputation amongst entrepreneurs and I am a regular visitor to the website – which is an… Continue Reading →

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