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Personal Branding – Are you doing it right?

Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma, Bejan Daruwala, Salma Rushdie, Anish Kapoor – what do they have in common? They are all great brands, by the virtue of either their work or their personal branding efforts. I mean look at Deepak Chopra…. Continue Reading →

International Day of Yoga: A Marketing Success or a Gimmick

It was more than a year ago when Indian prime minister Narendra Modi announced in a UN Speech the idea of International Yoga Day. June 21 came to be the chosen day. Modi is a well-known strategist and marketer. It’s… Continue Reading →

Old Spice in New Cuisine

For me personally, Old Spice is the good old cologne/after shave that I used to find gently placed on the sink of my grandfather’s (mind you, he was a idiosyncratic, retired Colonel) bathroom, during my childhood. It was perhaps the… Continue Reading →

Politicians/Political Parties on Social Media

It’s bizarre the way elections come and go in our country. Once in five years we are reminded of our fundamental right to slide our chit into the ballot box (confession of a reluctant voter: I have never voted in… Continue Reading →

What to make of Omnicom-Publicis Merger?

The ancient world, in the times of Greeks and Romans, had a way of working. They used to make offer to other kingdoms either to merge with them, or be battle-ready, in other words, be defeated and get acquired. Merger,… Continue Reading →

Celebs on the Web

We’ve seen them on TV, newspapers & hoardings and heard them on radio. Now, they are conquering the web. Yes, our dear and worshipped celebrities are now on the digital medium as well and that’s not a surprise. Though still… Continue Reading →

The Queens of Endorsements

2012 and Vidya Balan have ensured that Bollywood actresses continue to have last laugh at box office in India. With Indian actresses finally coming to their own in a male dominated industry, we have seen a slew of brands going… Continue Reading →

Where’s Arzoo Going?

Sabeer Bhatia is best known for not creating Hotmail, but for selling it at a whopping USD 400 Million. The overnight fame and unimaginable wealth that Sabeer Bhatia acquired must have opened up a slew of venture options for him…. Continue Reading →

Promotion Alone Triumphs

Satyamev Jayate literally means Truth Alone Triumphs. The new TV show by the same name that begins May 6, 11 AM across all Star Channels apparently took 3 years in the making. The producer Aamir Khan has worked hard on… Continue Reading →

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