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Colleges and the government are warming up to E-Learning as a means to keep the fires of education burning

COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the world. Every industry has been impacted by it, and the education industry is no exception. Schools and colleges are closed to halt the spread of the pandemic. However, despite such institutions being closed, learning… Continue Reading →

Old Spice in New Cuisine

For me personally, Old Spice is the good old cologne/after shave that I used to find gently placed on the sink of my grandfather’s (mind you, he was a idiosyncratic, retired Colonel) bathroom, during my childhood. It was perhaps the… Continue Reading →


There’s something Mahindra that really intrigues me. May be it flows down right from its suave, pepper-salt haired and could-be-more-flamboyant Vice chairman Anand Mahindra, who has taken Mahindra beyond Auto (that’s also this week’s cover story of Businessworld magazine). For… Continue Reading →

Mobile Advertising? Thank you, No, thank you!

What’s with mobile advertising? I just don’t understand. For a layman like me, it is nothing more than unsolicited messages I get to buy prime property which I cannot even dream of affording at this point in time. So, what… Continue Reading →

CII Brand Summit 2010 – Getting on to the brandwagon

In essence, I don’t have a thing for summits. May be it has something to do with my short attention span and getting lost in a crowd of hundreds (if not more). I generally prefer to be on the other… Continue Reading →

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