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8 Things to Remember Before Hiring a Marketing Agency

Hiring a marketing agency is a complicated process. Weeding out the studs from the duds if tough if you don’t know the right questions to ask. Marketing activities, online or offline, requires strategic thinking and logically, you’re going to depend… Continue Reading →

Setting up an Email Marketing Campaign

Around 74 trillion emails are sent daily, and the number of email users worldwide is estimated at 3.7 billion! Emails are synonymous with online business. Isn’t it? Anyone who is online, whether for social media browsing or for running a… Continue Reading →

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is stressful. Marketers are already relying on various tools and technologies to automate repetitive tasks like social media sharing, generating SEO reports, and email outreach campaigns. Things went a step further when the possibilities of artificial intelligence taking… Continue Reading →

The Emergence of Media on Digital

It was only about a couple of months of ago that I learnt of The Quint, baby of Raghav Behl, who had earlier formed News18 and later sold it to Reliance Group. The Quint makes for an interesting case study…. Continue Reading →

Best social Media Marketing campaigns of 2021

Don’t we all remember the time when we used to get up once there was an advSrtisement on the Television in between our favorite TV show or cricket match? Well, gone are the days when we used to hate those… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Digital Marketing Profiles to Follow on Linkedin

Digital Marketing, once upon a time, was a way to grab the attention of many people at once, by registering the presence on internet. That was the time when it was still inside a cocoon, but now, it has grown… Continue Reading →

Missing the Crucial Link – Defining the Brand Personality

  So, I am another player in an already cluttered market even if I wear with pride the exclusive adage of “I don’t have competition.” The truth is: “You have competition.” And lots! Whether you are a food ordering app,… Continue Reading →

Why Give a F*** about Engagement?

So you have an ecommerce website? Or No. Ok, it is a brochure site. Or No, it is a service site. Oh leave it, it is a B2B website. Whatever it may be, the lingering question would be – are… Continue Reading →

International Day of Yoga: A Marketing Success or a Gimmick

It was more than a year ago when Indian prime minister Narendra Modi announced in a UN Speech the idea of International Yoga Day. June 21 came to be the chosen day. Modi is a well-known strategist and marketer. It’s… Continue Reading →

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