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Sales is Sales. Marketing is Marketing.

The salesforce of agencies are perhaps the most interesting workforce for the simple reason that they sell ‘marketing services’. Selling ‘marketing’ is more than just an art in itself. It’s the duality of profile that makes it challenging or exciting… Continue Reading →

Targeting the Middle of the Pyramid

We’ve had too much talk about the bottom of the pyramid. How every company from telecom to FMCG is targeting the lowermost. The top is already cluttered and cut-throat. However, what we have safely and surprisingly ignored is the middle… Continue Reading →

The Science and Art of Marketing!

I think I know this. There are two kinds of marketers. One who are good at science. The others know the art. And they are firm believers in their respective practices. Then there are third ones who don’t live to… Continue Reading →

Sales in the times of Marketing!

Situation 1: Qualified for Dominos? Dominos Salesperson: Hello! Welcome to Domino’s. Today’s running offer….(and he keep on running and I switch on my patient cells!) Me: (after the salesperson is over): Can I order a small Golden Delight Pizza? My… Continue Reading →

A Sorry Tale

“Sorry, for cutting you short” “Sorry for cancelling the meeting at the last hour” “Sorry, I thought it would work, but it doesn’t” “Sorry, I know I made a promise” Not unfamiliar phrases for most of us, I know. Sorry,… Continue Reading →

Come and Go…

It’s an awkward relationship, between clients and agencies, and much has been written about it. Both sides have good and bad to say. Most often it’s like a marriage and divorces are common; sometimes on tasteful and at times on… Continue Reading →

Encounters of an In-different Kind

It’s a curious job to be a marketer or to be positioned as a marketing consultant/expert. For some you become the ultimate fraud who earn for what they preach, or a demi-god whose final word is a divine proclamation of… Continue Reading →

No Year’s Resolutions

One of my recent reads was an article titled ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’ of Indian advertising. Pretty clichéd stuff I guess. But then we all are suckers of masala reading. Anyhow, as the new year is closing… Continue Reading →

The Spiritual Marketer

Seth Godin wrote ‘All Marketers are Liars,’ James Collins once said, ‘A magazine is simply a device to induce people to read advertising,’ and our dear old fiction writer HG Wells pronounced, ‘Advertising is legalized lying’. Most intelligent men (and… Continue Reading →

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