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Latest Content Marketing Technologies to Adopt in 2019

Content packaging and marketing is an approach that focuses on consistently creating and distributing content in such a way that it has a high degree of value and relevance. Content marketing is done to attract and retain a clearly defined… Continue Reading →

A Beginner’s Guide To Programmatic Buying

  The advertisement industry is shifting towards automation, and many advertisers now are purchasing digital ads and commercials without associating with print or media companies. As technology advances, new techniques are steadily being examined to produce facilities encompassing the purchasing… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Digital Marketing Summits That Every Marketer Must Attend

Digital Marketing Summits/Conferences work as centers wherein various digital influencers and marketers from around the world come together to promote and appreciate the magnificent work of other digital marketers. It is a way to meet different marketers who have accomplished… Continue Reading →

Video Marketing on Digital and Social Media

Not just limited to YouTube, video marketing is soon becoming the future of content marketing on social/digital media. As digital media continues to become the focal point of most companies’ marketing focus and budgeting, video or content marketing is increasingly… Continue Reading →

All you Want to know about Gmass

With a 3% market share in Email Scheduling, GMass is a powerful mass emailing service that integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Google apps, and Google Drive. It has the ability to send emails as either a brand new email or as… Continue Reading →

How to Write Web Content?

A recent survey found out that 79% of internet users only skim through a page, only 16% read it word for word. So what can you do to make sure that your content gets the attention it deserves? If you… Continue Reading →

Content Marketing as Explained in 5 Simple Steps

The ultimate goal of content marketing is to establish a relationship with the customers by making conversations. It can be in the form of articles or video content or live streaming of contents or product performance. In order to provide… Continue Reading →

Mobile Content Marketing: Too Big to Ignore

You probably would have noticed how more and more people are using smartphones to a far greater extent than laptops or PCs. A great deal of internet browsing and other activities have been taken over by mobile phones. With this,… Continue Reading →

The Curious Case of Content Marketing

There’s big hoopla about Content Marketing nowadays, especially when you look at indigenous players such as Scoopwhoop, Arre, Netflix, AIB and others curating millions of likes and followers on social and owned media. It wasn’t too many moons ago that… Continue Reading →

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