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The Age of 1+1

Remember the days when the common question at a kirana store used to be “is pe koi scheme hai kya?” (what’s the scheme/offer on this product?). The good-old 80s and 90s were the decades of 1+1, when getting a detergent… Continue Reading →

4 Marketing Rules you Should Never Break

Yes, marketing may be about innovation and finding new ways to beat the rival, but the basic rules of playing the game remain constant. Here’s an elaboration: a) Read the brand guidelines: If marketing is a religion, then brand book… Continue Reading →

ebay TVCs: The Rights & Wrongs

The deep-rooted skepticism that comes with online buying is what online retailers and commerce portals have been trying to address for a long time now. And yes, ebay is following the suit. In their latest TVC, ebay, the global online… Continue Reading →

What Makes a Top Brand?

Top brand is not necessarily that one that breaks all the sales records or spends unprecedented amount of money on marketing. For me, top brand is the one that has the ability to retain customers (loyalty), continuously gratify them and… Continue Reading →

The Worst Brand-Celebrity Pairing

To cut it short, these are the few recent celebrity-company signings that caused more embarrassment than brand value. Virat Kohli – Celkon I have no idea what Virat Kohli’s agency is up to. The guy is the most promising cricketers… Continue Reading →

Produce to Promote

Dewar, the whisky brand, did it recently on Star TV. Their production The Dewarists (A social, political and economic doctrine, based on the writing of Tommy Dewar, expressing the conviction that the journey of life can be enjoyed without giving… Continue Reading →

Encounters of an In-different Kind

It’s a curious job to be a marketer or to be positioned as a marketing consultant/expert. For some you become the ultimate fraud who earn for what they preach, or a demi-god whose final word is a divine proclamation of… Continue Reading →

Brand Un-brand!

Why is Volkswagen better than Tata Motors? Why is Colgate better than Babool? Why is Kellogg’s better than Mohan’s? It is not a co-incidence that foreign brands have higher equity when compared with Indian or Asian brands. The reason is… Continue Reading →

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