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How Brands Sing along…and make us dance to their not-always rhythmic tones.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Summits That Every Marketer Must Attend

Digital Marketing Summits/Conferences work as centers wherein various digital influencers and marketers from around the world come together to promote and appreciate the magnificent work of other digital marketers. It is a way to meet different marketers who have accomplished… Continue Reading →

Has Starbucks the Brand Arrived in India?

In the American annals of brand histories, Starbucks, along with icons such as Coke, Nike, McDonald’s is a world-renowned brand (not product). Remember its entrance in India? The long queues outside the stores, the whole enigma of experiencing Starbucks (not… Continue Reading →

Personal Branding – Are you doing it right?

Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma, Bejan Daruwala, Salma Rushdie, Anish Kapoor – what do they have in common? They are all great brands, by the virtue of either their work or their personal branding efforts. I mean look at Deepak Chopra…. Continue Reading →

Missing the Crucial Link – Defining the Brand Personality

  So, I am another player in an already cluttered market even if I wear with pride the exclusive adage of “I don’t have competition.” The truth is: “You have competition.” And lots! Whether you are a food ordering app,… Continue Reading →

Old Spice in New Cuisine

For me personally, Old Spice is the good old cologne/after shave that I used to find gently placed on the sink of my grandfather’s (mind you, he was a idiosyncratic, retired Colonel) bathroom, during my childhood. It was perhaps the… Continue Reading →

What Can You do With a Shoe?

If you have been exposed to the legendary Airwalk advertising campaign, conceptualized by Lambesis, you would know what I am talking about. Airwalk (a company that was popularly mentioned in popular book The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell), a company… Continue Reading →

IPL’s (the brand) Road to Perdition

Kochi sacked, SRK banned, Modi fired, Spot-fixing emerges. Barring spot-fixing accusations in IPL6, IPL has remained as a premium brand – Pepsi paid Rs 400 Crores for five years’ rights if that is some indication to brand’s worth. Most brands… Continue Reading →

The Unbranded Brand

Where I stay in Delhi, a few kilometers away, is a popular fish joint called Paramjeet Machiwala. He does not have a logo, no proper signage, forget about a website, and marketing is not his forte. Despite being a branding… Continue Reading →

Tracking Fastrack

In the annals of Indian advertising, Fastrack is a brand that has done almost everything right, speaking from brand viewpoint. They’ve been clear about their TG, targeted them smartly & creatively (that’s a rare combination) and most importantly got their… Continue Reading →

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