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Just a light take on what we agencies feel behind the curtains. We are humans too before we forget!

Top 5 Digital Marketing Summits That Every Marketer Must Attend

Digital Marketing Summits/Conferences work as centers wherein various digital influencers and marketers from around the world come together to promote and appreciate the magnificent work of other digital marketers. It is a way to meet different marketers who have accomplished… Continue Reading →

Video Marketing on Digital and Social Media

Not just limited to YouTube, video marketing is soon becoming the future of content marketing on social/digital media. As digital media continues to become the focal point of most companies’ marketing focus and budgeting, video or content marketing is increasingly… Continue Reading →

Why Give a F*** about Engagement?

So you have an ecommerce website? Or No. Ok, it is a brochure site. Or No, it is a service site. Oh leave it, it is a B2B website. Whatever it may be, the lingering question would be – are… Continue Reading →

How to Hire an SEO Candidate?

The past few days have gone into hiring SEO manager level candidates that has made me move closer to Search Engine Optimization than ever before. So, how do we hire SEO analysts/experts in the Indian landscape? Analytical Skills – Largely… Continue Reading →

Why you should be selective about your client?

Being at the helm of a digital marketing agency for 9 years has given be fair bit of perceptive. From the years gone, amidst numerous pitches and glitches, I have come to realise that we agency guys (listen BDEs) need… Continue Reading →

Where has the Polo-Cam Gone ?

¬†(searchengine journal.) Instagram, as we know, is a hugely popular website/app for photo sharing. Its popularity has risen so much that in last 3 years it has grown in leaps and bounds- being listed as the 21st most popular website… Continue Reading →

Eleven Minutes too Many

Eleven minutes, for a moment, seemed to be something similar to the novel of the same name by Paulo Coelho, but to my surprise it was a video with an actor known for her sleaze, a veteran dubbed as eternal… Continue Reading →

Do I need It? Nah, may be, Yes, I do!

Desire is the root of all evil¬† – Some “not so evil” man. A glass of water is a necessity for quenching thirst, but a can of Coke might not be satiating the same need. So, if a 20 something… Continue Reading →

Modi & Small Town Marketing

Recently, I have spent a lot of time travelling across North Indian Himalayan range, and interacting with small town dwellers with professions such as drivers, tea stall owners, guest house owners, helpers, potters, waiters, shopkeepers, nothing-doers etc etc. What has… Continue Reading →

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