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Right Said, Kotler! Digital Marketers aren’t Marketers!

Until 1900, the Oxford Dictionary did not have the word ‘Marketing’ in it. ‘Market’ was there but not ‘Marketing’. It was added only in 1910. First traces of advertising however go back to the 17th century. I began as a… Continue Reading →

Why you should be selective about your client?

Being at the helm of a digital marketing agency for 9 years has given be fair bit of perceptive. From the years gone, amidst numerous pitches and glitches, I have come to realise that we agency guys (listen BDEs) need… Continue Reading →

Modi & Small Town Marketing

Recently, I have spent a lot of time travelling across North Indian Himalayan range, and interacting with small town dwellers with professions such as drivers, tea stall owners, guest house owners, helpers, potters, waiters, shopkeepers, nothing-doers etc etc. What has… Continue Reading →

To the Client Who Does Not Pay

The Client Who Does not Pay (finally takes a call from a different number, after months): Hayloooo The innocuous vendor (from hereon, yours truly): Sir, This is Me…..If you remember… The Client Who Does not Pay (almost choking, startled…): Hayloo,… Continue Reading →

Why Ban Social Media?

A few moons ago, I was watching CNN-IBN. There was probably an hour-long debate on banning social media. The cause was the disturbance in certain areas in south India which led to exodus of Northeasterners. Social media sites such as… Continue Reading →

Virtual Negotiations

When I used to sell content writing as a service, a typical domestic client often used to remark while negotiating, “What do you want to charge so much for? For writing a few words in English? I could have written… Continue Reading →

A Sorry Tale

“Sorry, for cutting you short” “Sorry for cancelling the meeting at the last hour” “Sorry, I thought it would work, but it doesn’t” “Sorry, I know I made a promise” Not unfamiliar phrases for most of us, I know. Sorry,… Continue Reading →

Line of No Control!

Ethics in advertising? You must be kidding me. Had there been ethics and principles in advertising, then I assume most ad agencies would not be existing today and marketers would have ceased to exist on this planet. Ok, what makes… Continue Reading →

Why Social Media is Compulsively Un-social?

I am young. I am free. I am cool. And I am on Facebook. I am also as much of a narcissist as I am voyeuristic. I don’t take shit, and if I take it I give it back manifolds…. Continue Reading →

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